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1/30/14 11:21 A

For lunches, make up a larger portion and freeze. I will usually have about a weeks worth of leftovers in my freezer for quick lunches, where there isn't enough regular leftovers. I have found most sauces don't hold up well in the freezer though.

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1/30/14 11:18 A

I'd just buy quick cooking oatmeal in a large container instead of the individual packages - cheaper that way and you have more control over the ingredients. I add some dried fruit, frozen fruit, nut butters, cinnamon, etc. Buying individual containers/servings is always more costly.

Brown rice, dried beans/lentils, frozen veggies, peanut butter, yogurt in tubs, tuna pouches, whole wheat pasta, fruits/veggies in season, cereals, jars of unsweetened apple sauce, corn tortillas, etc. are all low cost foods.

Lunch/Snack ideas:

-Tuna mixed with mustard and a bit of greek yogurt/mayo with crackers/veggies to dip in it.
-Greek yogurt with high protein cereal and fruit
-Apple with PB (apples are relatively cheap when bought in bags)
-PB sandwich with veggies/fruit
-Rice and beans with mixed frozen veggies and spices - I make a big pot and eat for a few days
-small baked potato with salsa, beans, veggies, greek yogurt (as a sour cream sub) or whatever you like
-small amount of cheese
-cottage cheese and fruit - defrosted unsweeted strawberries work well, if buying fresh is an issue
-soup - homemade or canned (though be careful of sodium)
-corn tortillas can be used to make wraps - scrambled eggs and salsa, canned chicken and salsa, beans and veggies, whatever you can think of
-hard boiled eggs

Pretty much anything that you can think of for dinner is good for lunch - maybe just in a smaller portion. Frozen veggies can be thrown into pretty much anything to stretch it and boost nutrition.

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1/30/14 10:29 A

Carrots and light hidden valley ranch dressing, single serves.
Peanut butter/apple.
Walnuts and dried cranberries.
Cottage Cheese/fruit with splenda.

Hope this helps!

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1/30/14 10:29 A

Oh also wanted to note that my budget is very limited so buying fresh fruit is not a regular option.

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1/30/14 10:26 A

55 healthy snacks under 200 calories:

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1/30/14 10:23 A

Hello All,

Well today is pay day and thus Grocery day. My cupboards are full of great dinner idea but not so great snacks or Lunches (when leftovers are not available). I am hoping that you all can help me with some great healthy ideas.

Healthy Snack Staples I often by:
Mini Carrots
Sugar Free Oatmeal

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