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Grits....Good or Bad for you??

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2/17/09 3:43 P

That's good to know that grits is high in fiber. I'm from the North, but parents are from the South, and we were raised on Grits. I still love grits. When I cook grits, I put a little salt/pepper/accent/butter, and a touch of garlic. One thing I find that grits does for me, is when I have gas bad I eat some, no matter what meal it's for, and it absorb the gas. Don't know how or why, I just know it works for me.

Posts: 598
2/17/09 1:58 P

I am from the north but moved to the south 2 years ago. I never ate grits until recently. They are so delicious and I am hooked. I am glad that they are good for us diet wise. I love grits. Val

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2/8/09 4:42 P

Nancy, thanks!! i don't put any extra in them, jus a pinch of salt. haha..i am from the South.. emoticon

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2/8/09 10:59 A


I am not a nutritionist, but doing a quick search on grits, they are high in fiber (2-4 grams on average) which is why they will help keep you fuller. I think you don't see them too often, is they tend to be a southern food. I think you should be fine, as long as you don't put lots of extras in it.


Posts: 119
2/8/09 10:39 A

i LOVE grits, but i've noticed that when i see some breakfast menus layed out they are never on the menu at most weight loss sites...i may be overlooking i'm just wondering is healthy for u..when i eat grits i am fuller for longer periods of time..i haven't been eating them lately tho...can someone help me out??

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