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5/28/13 12:09 P


Obviously I know nothing about this subject, so I really appreciate the tips and links!

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5/24/13 2:49 P

I second getting a charcoal chimney.

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5/24/13 2:44 P

Start here:

BBQ University is one of the best shows on TV, and they have a great basics of grilling page that'll teach you the differences between various woods and flavors, indirects vs direct, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment; sometimes your experiments will fail, but that's how you learn. :)

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5/24/13 12:11 P

You can clean the grill, they sell wire brushes to do it. There are also chemical cleaners but I've found the brush does a good job, especially when you do it when the grill is hot. Don't put tinfoil down, that sort of detracts from the whole reason you grill in the first place, and the fat doesn't drop off that way either.
This book would probably be a good place to start.

Also, if you can, don't use lighter fluid. Get yourself a charcoal chimney to get the fire started. Lighter fluid is all chemically and you don't want that in your food. Here's some info on chimneys:> There's probably tons of youtube instructional videos too.

AMANDANCES Posts: 2,048
5/24/13 12:06 P

I really don't know my way around a backyard grill, but we just inherited one, and I'd like to reap the health benefits. I know you need charcoal and lighter fluid -- beyond that, I'm clueless.

Anybody have any "Grilling for Dummies" suggestions? How do you know when the coal things are hot enough to cook on? The grill itself is kinda dirty -- should I lay down tinfoil over the bars to keep the juices in and the dirty stuff off the food ?


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