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This is a little easier than some other ones I've seen on here! Basically let's pretend the jalapeno and the seasoning have no calories, and from there estimate how much of that .35 lb (about 5.3 oz precooked) is meat, and how much is cheese. And the good thing is - an oz of ground beef (depending on fat content, premixed burgers are usually higher in fat content unless otherwise said) and an oz of cheese aren't that far off from each other in terms of calories, so you're probably looking at less than 100 cals off one way or another when you estimate. If you go with cooked estimates in your tracker, you're probably safe guessing 3.5 oz ground round, 1 oz cheese (unless it looks way the heck cheesier to you). I'm assuming .5-1 oz lost in cooking.

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I've looked and looked for this.

Recently I've been eating with my folks... and today they are grilling Jalapeno Burgers Which came from Food City... which it is their brad. The Calories are not listed...

ll I know is -

The net weight for two burgers in a pack is 0.70lb

Contains: Ground Round, Jalapenos, Monterrey and Jack Cheese and supreme pepper steak seasoning.

If you ask me, I think that everything should have a nutrition label on it. Because this is hard. And NO I'm not even half way near my calorie count... it fact today I'm way below it.

And again the burgers will be grilled and not fried.

And I'm not talking about once the bun and extras are on.

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