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3/21/14 12:21 A

Be sure to read the label. If it says "supplement facts," you probably should look for a brand that says "nutrition facts." Products sold as a supplement don't have to follow truth in labeling laws like foods do, so you don't know what is in that product. Many of them have caffeine or even hidden prescription drugs. It's illegal for them to put in prescription drugs, but the laws are written in such a way that the FDA can't test the product and catch them unless someone has already been harmed.

If your brand IS a food and the label says "nutrition facts," then look at the ingredients and see if there's anything in there that you don't want. If there's a word you don't know, google it to see what it really is. Some of the strange words are just vitamins, but some might be other words for caffeine.

Once you know it's safe and it's not just a different way of drinking caffeine, then let your taste be your guide. If you like it and it makes you feel good, and you still have enough money for real, fresh food including vegetables after buying the powder, then enjoy it. Just remember that no matter what the label says, it's just a substitute for coffee. It's not really vegetables. You still have to *eat* those to get the health benefits.

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3/20/14 7:47 P

Ugh, sounds terrible. If I need veggies, I'd rather eat veggies, instead of some hyper-processed powder. Depending on what kind you're using, you may even have one full of fillers.

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3/19/14 4:27 P

Has anyone tried them before i just started drinking themin the afternoon and don't need afternoon coffee anymore.

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