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4/28/14 11:05 A

Check-in for yesterday:

1- did take a nap

2- tracked food (even though I ate very badly)

3- wore FitBit - 741 steps - that was a bit of a shock. Lots to improve upon.

4- didn't take a walk

So 3/4

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/26/14 11:58 P

Check in for today:

1- did not have nap today as had visitors in the morning & went away in afternoon. Got home late.

2- tracked food today - was over range but am not yet trying to hit targets. Plus am breastfeeding so may need to adjust calorie range.

3- wore my FitBit today. So far am at 2430 -so will probably be around 2500 for today

4- didn't take a walk today

So got 2/4

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/26/14 11:53 P

After having a baby girl 2 weeks ago, am trying to get back into healthy habits. For now, my main goals are:

1- to have nap daily while Eva sleeps

2- to track food daily

3- to wear FitBit to get baseline

4- to take a walk most days of the week

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/8/13 9:55 P

Day 15

Calories: Slighly over, but pretty on target for food groups.

Exercise: 18 min jog & approx 45 min walk. First time doing it after work (up to now have only done on weekend). Was a bit slower tonight but pushed a bit longer. Feeling good.

Need to keep it up if I'm going to lose those 3 I gained Sunday.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/7/13 10:46 P

Day 14

Calories: Should be in range once I drink my milk. Almost on target for food groups. Missing 1 of fruits/veggies I think and maybe of meat. 7-8 serving of fruits/veggies seems like a lot, but I'm trying!

Exercise: BFBM. Was scheduled to jog in the park with hubby, but left work late and then the metro was slow. So by the time I got home & had a snack, we didn't feel like going. We're planning on going tomorrow instead.

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! I haven't been perfect and I'm currently trying to lose what I gained on Sunday (approx 3 lbs out of 6 I had lost), but I feel more committed than I have in a long time. Plus, I saw today that the FitBit Flex has launched, so I really need to work hard to be able to order one!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/6/13 10:00 P

Day 13

Calories: In range, but a little low on protein (missed it by 6 g). Fairly on target for food groups (a little low on fruits/veggies). Overall, satisfied.

Exercise: RI30. Took a nap when I got home thinking I had RI30 scheduled. Turns out it was supposed to be BFBM. Did RI30 because it's shorter and was already 9pm when I started.

Getting back on track today. Felt terrible most of the day. I know it's because I ate badly yesterday. I really need to stop doing that!!! Trying my best to get back on track though!

Edit: Ate lots of sunflower seeds after posting this. Put me over calories.

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GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/6/13 9:56 P

Day 12 (Yesterday)

Calories: Way over- Major binge on junk food. Paid for it today. My digestive tract was not happy.

Exercise: None. No excuse. I just didn't do it.

Bad day for my health goals, not necessarily for my mood though. It seems like everytime I start doing well and seeing results, I throw myself under the bus. Need to start journalling more and stay away from the junk. My body really was hung over this morning from that unhealthy food.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/4/13 10:27 P

Day 11

Calories: Over - went to in-laws for supper. Very low on fruits/veggies for the day.

Exercise: 15 minute jog in the park.

My hubby told his family I started jogging so now I have to keep it up. One more thing to motivate me!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/4/13 10:25 P

Day 10 (Yesterday)

Calories: Over - went out to dinner....

Exercise: None.

Was tired after work so took nap. Woke up and went out to dinner & movie so no time for exercise.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/2/13 10:05 P

Day 9

Calories: In range & fairly on target.

Exercise: BFBM. It's been 2 days since I worked out & it felt great. Tough...but great!

I'm started to get excited for my "official" weigh in on Sunday. Got to keep it up!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
5/2/13 6:28 P

Day 8 (Yesterday)

Calories: In range but not on target for food groups.

Exercise: Did not do. Was exhausted... Took a nap when I got home. Ann by the time I woke up & ate supper it was too late.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/30/13 11:16 P

Day 7

Calories: In range, but low on veggies/fruit & not high quality food.

Exercise: Did not have time to do. Went to visit apartment & was too late when got home.

Should sleep better tonight... Apartment is found, taxes are submitted (& paid).

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/30/13 6:54 A

Day 6 (Yesterday)

Calories: In range & pretty much on target for Food groups.

Exercise: Did RI30.

Tried to file taxes last night & provincial rejected. So barely slept at all last night. Got to get to work so I can call government to fix it. Deadline is today... Freaking out!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/28/13 9:44 P

Day 5

Calories: In range, but not on target. Low in Meat and Grains. Only had 1 of hubby's Doritos!

Exercise: Jogging in the park. Same route as other day. Finished in 15:44 (as opposed to 15:40 when did it with hubby). Thought it would take me longer as I was on my own (no one to motivate me to run faster), but it only took me 4 extra seconds. There were lots more people in the park today, but even though I was slow, I am so proud of myself! I was able to push to the end without stopping! Yay!

Overall, a good day. Apartment is fairly clean, dishes are done, got my exercise in and ate pretty well. All that's left is to write in my journal. Back to work tomorrow... Guess I have to earn some more vacation time!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/27/13 10:15 P

Day 4

Calories: In range, but not really on target for food groups (Way under on Fruits/Veggies & Over on Grains). For me, this shows the importance of both calorie tracking and food groups.

Exercise: BFBM. Seemed a bit easier tonight than last time. Probably more related to general energy level, or maybe more positive attitude. Regardless, I'm glad I did it!

I'm feeling good today, although I only have 1 day left of vacation. Will be back to reality on Monday. I'm glad I got back on track mid-week so I could build up a bit of momentum before going back to work. I've got my goals planned out and set up for next week (Daily Exercise, In Range for Calories, On Target for Food Groups, Daily Journalling & Dishes/Tidying).

Will weigh in tomorrow. Have been eating way too much, but was reasonable today, so I hope I won't be over 198. My goal is to get to 185 by June 30 (so 1.5 lbs per week, if I'm at 198 tomorrow). Once I get to 185, I'll reward myself with the FitBit Flex (if it's out by then... should be).

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/27/13 12:04 P

Day 3 (Yesterday - April 26)

Calories: Way over (close to 3000 total!). Had wine, chips, & candy. Was low on vegetable/fruit servings (on target for the others). Really need to stop ating junk. I don't even enjoy it that much. Grrr!

Exercise: Did RI30. It was rough, but got through it.

Take-home message for today: Really need to focus on getting a handle on my eating.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/25/13 8:00 P

Day 2

Calories: Over (but should be fairly on target for food groups - we went out for breakfast with my mother-in-law and ordered in for dinner (Shish taouk...mmm...)

Exercise: 15min 40sec jog in the park. Was very difficult but I pushed through and met my goal of 15 minutes. I'm so proud of myself! Now to keep it up....

Edit: Ate lots of chocolate after posting this...

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GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/24/13 10:42 P

OK, so I didn't run yesterday... but I did get my shoes.

Day 1 - Officially

Weight: 197.6 lbs
Body Fat %: 41.4%

Calories: In range (Missed one serving of veggies/fruits. On target for all other food groups)
Exercise: Blast Fat Boost Metabolism (Had to stop a bit, but completed)

Am contemplating getting the FitBit Flex once I hit 185 lbs (approx 15 to lose). I wanted to spring for Insanity as a reward, but if I get pregnant, I won't be able to use it. Whereas the FitBit will hopefully motivate me to move more, even when pregnant.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
4/23/13 2:39 P

Trying this again....

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This will be Day 1.

Am about to go buy some new running shoes and will go for a jog this afternoon with hubby.

Current Weight: Approx 197

Haven't worked out consitently since Nov and am paying for it. Eating has been on and off... but mainly off track recentlly. Haven't tracked food today. Will try to get back to it tomorrow am.

Will update tonight.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/29/12 8:51 P

November 29, 2012

Eating: Good. In range. About to have some tea. Even declined hubby's offer to go get us snacks.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline):None
Other: 30 Day Shred Week 2 Day 4

Tomorrow is my work Christmas party, so won't be working out and will be enjoying a steak that will very likely put me over my range.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/29/12 8:46 P

November 28, 2012

Eating: Slightly over. Caved & ate some of hubby's leftover chips & crispers.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline):None
Other: 30 Day Shred Week 2 Day 3

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/27/12 9:51 P

November 27, 2012

Eating: Good. Still low on protein (& fat)

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline):None
Other: None

Was too tired to exercise. Took a 3 hour nap when I got home!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/27/12 9:50 P

November 26, 2012

Eating: Good. Was in range (but low on protein)

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 2 - Day 1

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/25/12 7:12 P

November 25, 2012

Eating: Didn't track. Not horrible but not great either.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 15 minutes Walking
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 2 - Day 1

I am trying to get back in the swing of things. I was feeling down last week and the week before so I went really off track. I ate badly and I completely skipped all my planned exercise. I did try to at least get my veggies in for my snack a few days. I need to clean out the fridge tonight and get my veggie kits made up for the week.

I decided to jump back into the 30 Day Shred where I was (starting Level 2) and I'm going to try to do it daily PLUS 15-20 minutes of walking (if treadmill not fixed) or running (if fixed - I hope!). I'm also going to start tracking my food and consciously making healthy choices as of tomorrow morning.

I have joined the Official Sleep Challenge and will be starting that tonight along with my hubby. I need to get into a regular sleep pattern (instead of barely sleeping during the week and sleeping half the day away on weekends).

I debated whether or not I would weigh in tomorrow or hold off a couple of days, but I think I'll just bite the bullet and do it tomorrow morning. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think...

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/25/12 6:58 P

Off track both eating-wise & exercise-wise for a week and a half...

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/15/12 9:07 P

November 15, 2012

Eating: In range so far. Enjoyed a piece of cake from work (celebrating our 1 year in new office following restructing)

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 10.5 minutes Jogging & 44.5 minutes Walking
Other: None

Good day! Really pushed to complete my jogging. Only leaned on handlebars for about 30 seconds. Felt like my heart was going to bust out of my chest and my lungs were going to explode but I got it done! Yay me!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/15/12 6:22 P

Skipped a few days of "journalling", but have been exercising & doing pretty well with eating.

November 14, 2012

Eating: Over range, but not as bad as I expected. The boss paid us a pizza lunch!

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 2 - Day 12

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/12/12 12:52 P

Results of Weigh In & Measurements (November 12, 2012)

Taking advantage of being off work today (Remembrance Day)

Weight: 187.0 (Down 2 lbs from last week)
Body Fat: 40.1% (Down 0.8% from last week - although not sure how accurate this is)

(since starting 30 Day Shred combined with running on broken treadmill on Oct 23, 2012)

Bust: 41 - Down 1 inch
Chest: 36 - Down 0.5 inch
Waist: 33.5 - Down 2 inches!!
Hips: 44.5 - Down 1 inch
Thigh: 26.5 - Down 0.5 inch

Woohoo!!! 2 more lbs to be out of Obese category. I will do it!!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/12/12 12:41 P


November 11, 2012

Eating: Not so good. Way over but I can accept it. We had crackers and sweets. But I did track them resulting in a 700 - 1000 calorie excess. Ouch!

Exercise: DOUBLE DOSE DAY (to make up for skipping workout earlier)
Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 9 minutes Jogging & 36 minutes Walking
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 1 - Day 10

Wow. I kind of can't believe I have been working out consistently for 3 weeks! Double Dose days are rough... so Note to self: Don't skip any days!! I kind of let my self go foodwise since I did so much exercise (burned over 700 calories). I'm okay with my eating and am getting right back on track today!

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
11/11/12 9:46 P

Good luck on the journey~ enjoy it, take good care of yourself, remember you're worth the time and energy to be healthy and happy!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/11/12 12:22 P

November 10, 2012

Eating: Good. In range.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline):None
Other: None

Waited too long to exercise, so was just not feeling it. Will have to do a double dose today and tomorrow (I'm off since it's Remembrance Day and I work for a bank). Just waiting for the man fixing things in the basement to leave. Don't think he'd appreciate me thumping on the treadmill or jumping over his head!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/10/12 11:29 A

November 9, 2012

Eating: Good. The wine put me over by 55 calories, but was worth it!

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 8.5 minutes Jogging & 36.5 minutes Walking
Other: None

I really didn't want to do my exercise, but I forced myself to do it since I already skipped one day this week and don't want to do 2 double dose days! Once I got going it was okay.

I cheated and weighed myself. 185.0!!! So I'm really going to try hard to stick with it through the weekend. 185 lbs would put me put of the obese range and into the overweight category!

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GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/10/12 11:20 A

November 8, 2012

Eating: Good. Was in range.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred Level 1 (Day 9)

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GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/7/12 8:26 P

November 7, 2012

Eating: Good. Am over on calories, but have met all other goals (protein, fat, carbs, fibre). I may have a few jujubes though (I'll track them if I do).

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: None

I am simply exhausted tonight, so I have decided to re-schedule my exercise and do a double dose on Friday or Saturday. I'm just not feeling it tonight. I had my first "coaching" in over a year at work (We've been undergoing many changes so there was no time) and it was very positive. Yay! My boss doesn't seem as worried about my productivity as I was (but I still need to get it up).

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/6/12 9:18 P

November 6, 2012

Eating: Good. Am over by 3 calories, but have met all other goals (protein, fat, carbs, fibre). We had homemade pea soup for supper. So good!!

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 1 (Day 8)

Did well with fitness & eating today. I was lacking energy for the exercise though. I think it's due to stress at work. I need to improve my productivity and it's stressing me out. Oh well, one day at a time.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/5/12 10:09 P

November 5, 2012

Weight: 189.4lbs (Down 1 pound from last week)
Body Fat: 40.9% (Up 0.5% from last week)

Eating: OK. Am in calorie range, but over in fat and under in protein. I had peanut butter for all 3 meals so not so great. I was away on the weekend and so I had nothing prepared for this morning. I'll cut up my veggies before I go to bed tonight.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 8 minutes jogging (3+2.5+2.5) & 32 minutes walking.
Other: None

I was happy with the loss of 1 pound especially considering that I WAY overate for the past 3 days. Also, I hadn't done any exercise since Thursday. I was so not tempted to get up from my nap tonight to do my exercise but I am super glad I did. It was tough. I have next Monday off (Remembrance Day) so I hoping I can get my husband to see if he can fix it. I am feeling a lot more muscle in my arms and legs. Gotta stick with it!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
11/1/12 10:05 P

November 1, 2012

Eating: Good. Still low on protein (I really need to start eating "real" suppers instead of sandwiches. But I made good food choices and am in calorie range. Even having soy milk to boost my protein (not my favorite).

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 1 (Day 6)

Overall, I'm satisfied. Although I did have a 2nd coffee tonight to have the energy to work out. I really don't want to get back to a 2 cup a day habit (since we're planning on trying to get pregnant after the holidays I'm trying to keep it to 1 a day).

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/31/12 10:22 P

October 31, 2012

Eating: OK. Am slightly under in protein. But verything else is OK. Not necessarily the healthiest choices but not terrible.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 7 Minutes Jogging (2.5+2.5+2) and 33 Minutes Walking
Other: None

Was super unmotivated tonight, but since I didn't want to do a double dose of exercise tomorrow, I got it in!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/30/12 10:19 P

October 30, 2012

Eating: OK. Am slightly under calories for today (even with my Large glass of wine). But as I will be sleeping soon, I don't want to eat more than the Crispy minis & pudding I'm planning on having (& that's already tracked).

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 1 (Day 5)

Satisfied with today. Surprised I'm so low on calories. I guess coming home late (had some errands to run) & not preparing anything other than a sandwich for supper does that. It is what it is.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/29/12 10:15 P

October 29, 2012

Weight: 190.4lbs
Body Fat: 40.4%

Eating: Excellent!! Am in range for calories and macronutrients, even fibre! Even the carb/fat/protein ratio is right! So I will resist the temptation to have wine and will have tea instead.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 6.5 minutes jogging (2+2.5+2) & 28.5 minutes walking.
Other: None

WooHoo! Good job to myself! emoticon

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/28/12 4:38 P

October 28, 2012

Weight: 191.8lbs (Will only be weighing in on Mondays from now on)

Eating: OK. I have tracked it but have not eaten much because I got up so late. Will have lunch in a bit and am going out tonight for a drink with my sister & my hubby. Will try to be reasonable foodwise. No choice alcohol wise - I have to be up at 5:45 tomorrow for work!

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 6 minutes jogging (3+3) & 29 minutes walking. Discovered my treadmill is even more inclined than it used to be.
Other: 30 Day Shred - Level 1

I am making up for not doing my exercise (jogging) yesterday. I don't want to have to re-do my plan so I squeezed both exercises in today. I'm getting back on line with tracking my food. I have decided to focus more on being consistent with exercising & eating well (including tracking) than with weight loss. I just want to be fit & healthy.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/23/12 9:53 P

October 23, 2012

Weight: 189.0lbs

Eating: Great!. I have tracked it and am in range. No snacking tonight if I want to stay in range. Even the % carb, fat, protein is on track! But somehow surprisingly low in fibre... maybe because I'm tracking some whole grains as refined (no grams option for whole grains)

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 5 minutes jogging (well... 2 + 1.5 + 1.5) & 20 minutes walking
Other: None

My legs were too tired to do 5 minutes straight, but I still did a total of 5 minutes so I'm happy about that. Instead of snacking before supper, I had a cup of tea. Overall good day!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/22/12 10:14 P

October 22, 2012

Weight: 191.0lbs

Eating: Great!. I have tracked it and am in range. No snacking tonight if I want to stay in range.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: 30 Day Shred - Day 1 (Level 1)

Yowza!! Just finished 1st day of 30 Day Shred. It is a killer. I can't believe it's only 20 minutes!! I didn't do before pics and measurements. It got too late too fast... but I'll try o do it tomorrow.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/16/12 10:00 P

October 16, 2012

Weight: 192.8lbs

Eating: Great!. I have tracked it and should be in range as long as I don't go overboard at dinner. Yes, it\s 10 pm and I haven't eaten yet.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: None

I have been completely off track for about a week. Haven't really been motivated at all. Am trying to start trackinig again. I plan to work out most days, but I am super tired lately when I get home from work. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/11/12 9:59 P

October 11, 2012: Day 4

Weight: 190.8 lbs

Eating: Good... although did not track. I have it written down, just not logged.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 45 minutes walking (3-3.5 mph)
Other: The Look- Arm Variations

OK day. Husband is gone to pick up some wine so we'll enjoy that. Went to sleep late yesterday but took a nap this afternoon. Was not able to run. My muscles are sore from yesterday's Buns Blaster. But at least I walked. Better than nothing!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/10/12 10:14 P

October 10, 2012: Day 3

Weight: 192.8 lbs

Eating: Good... although did not track. I did finish off the chocolate chips but everything else I ate was healthy.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 4+1 Strong minutes (6mph, Non-stop, no handle bars), 40 minutes walking (3-3.5 mph)
Other: The Look- Buns Blasters

Pretty good day. Hopefully, weight will drop some following good day of eating. Had a rough time on treadmill because did Leg exercises right before (lots of squats and lunges). Slept well last night. I was the only one at work not waken up by the earthquake! Realized if I don't lose weight before getting pregnant, I could weigh as much as 250 by the end! Extra motivation!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/10/12 10:09 P

October 9, 2012: Day 2

Weight: 190.8 lbs

Eating: Bad... Went out to eat, had appetizer (fried), ate chips and chocolate chips.

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): None
Other: None

Not hot. We didn't sleep much despite going to be at 10 because my husband couldn't sleep. Got home & took nap. Was too late to exercise & hubby's offer of dinner out too tempting. A day to write off. Broke all my "rules".

10/8/12 6:02 P

I skipped dinner today! But I'm having something small then eating a little after the gym tonight!

And yes take advantage of sleep! I have three kids with me all day under the age of 4!

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/8/12 5:47 P

October 8, 2012: Day 1

Weight: 191.4 lbs

Eating: So-so... Haven't eaten anything I shouldn't, but ate breakfast at noon, so skipped lunch. Will be eating healthy dinner soon (Rice with tofu "beef", kidney beans & tomato sauce).

Treadmill (Still stuck on 7-8% incline): 7 Strong Minutes (6mph, no stopping & no handle bars); 38 minutes walking (3mph)
Other: The Look - Abs Blaster (10 Minutes)

Feeling good overall today. Slept in way too late (but it's a holiday... have to take advantage!). Have gotten in a good workout. Should have done more cleaning, but it's OK. Husband & I are working out a plan to make sticking to a healthy lifestyle easier.

GREEN_JEANS Posts: 643
10/8/12 5:32 P

Every time I blog it ends up being super long so I wanted somewhere for a quicker shorter (I hope) post. I think this might be it. I'm planning on checking in with a daily update. Feel free to comment/encourage!

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