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Green tea and muscle milk

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12/19/12 5:42 P

the issue with muscle milk or any other meal replacement [cookie, smoothie, bar, whatever] is that it doesn't really teach you how to eat food that gets you where you need to be. and that is a pretty big skill that most of us need to learn. personally, i think that if you have one of those that you really like, having it on hand as a backup is a great idea. relying on it everyday for lunch doesn't really teach you how to do anything else. i mean, if you're looking at muscle milk and granola, that's a 200-300 cal lunch. which is a little on the small side unless you're eating six or so times a day. so if you didn't have that particular meal, what could you eat for those same calories that fills you up? if you can list three pages of things that you do rotate in when you have the time, you're probably fine. if you sit there stumped for 20 minutes, it's time to start looking for other options.
i also work not out of an office, which means i have a whole host of shelf stable things that i try to keep on hand [and three or four in my work bag everyday] that i can use as a snack, as a meal or as part of a meal. knowing the things i can usually find at a nearby grocery store to supplement what i have opens up a ton more options. and on days when i know i will be having a late lunch, one of my favorite options is yogurt and granola. i have a 10oz thermos funtainer, which i put my yogurt in. then i add half a cup of frozen berries and take another container with granola to sprinkle in when i eat it. the berries don't even start to thaw until six hours after i put it in, and that's generally sitting in the sun in a car in florida. and i should note that if that seems a little low cal, i tend to eat about eight times a day, so smaller bits work for me.

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12/19/12 5:23 P

Muscle milk doesn't have any dairy in it. Sometimes I used to drink a muscle milk light and eat a banana and that would be my breakfast. I don't anymore but It keep me full and I had energy so If it works for you I think it is fine.

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12/19/12 12:31 P

I'm personally against any supplements or meal replacement shakes, but I guess if you travel a lot, it's better than nothing. I wouldn't make it an every day thing though, just when you need it because there's nothing else and you're on the go.

And green tea is great for's loaded with antioxidants, but I'm sure drinking crazy amounts of it every day isn't good.

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12/19/12 11:54 A

The Green tea in moderation has some pretty good benefits.
The Muscle Milk? I am not sure. I don't do anything with dairy in it. I prefer my almond milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk, and coconut milk. As long as it doesn't have added sugar in it or casein, you may be ok.

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12/19/12 9:36 A

So i'm starting my journey and I'm only a week and a half in but I think I've been doing pretty well. I've been eating lots of salad, veggies, nuts, and fruit. I've had a couple cheat meals but only ate half and saved the rest for the next day. I've been working out about 4 times a week, doing about 30 min of ellipitcal and 30 min of weights. This is just my start for now.

I've heard that drinking green tea is very helpful for the body and have been drinking it a lot. Is this really helping me? I heard somewhere that too much green tea could be bad for you.

Also, how does everyone feel about muscle milk? i recently purchased the light version with only 100 calories and drink it as a substitue for lunch (with some granola). I'm always away for business so its hard to get in full meals. Am I doing more harm by drinking the muscle milk, or is it really going to help?


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