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1/9/14 7:38 P

I usually put the spinach in first then weigh it down with the heavier ingredients like frozen berries and such. There usually are still tiny specks of green and red, but I bet if I had more patience and let it blend longer it'd all smooth out.

1/8/14 2:16 P

Something that helped me was to wilt my spinach in the microwave before blending. It softens and steams itself slightly and then comes apart much more easily.

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1/8/14 2:03 A

I use Juice Plus. It taste good and was able to help me lose weight. I ordered mine from this guy.

On other days, I would juice on my own. I love the taste of cucumber, apple, and oranges together. Its refreshing.

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1/7/14 9:27 P

I like my magic bullet

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1/7/14 8:27 P

Oh. I didnt even think of freezing it. I will freeze it tonite and see if it helps any tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. My ninja came with the single serve containers so i will try that too.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
1/7/14 8:24 P

I just ordered a Ninja Kitchen pulse system, so I'm hoping it will work well on my smoothies. If the blender you have comes with a single serve cup, you should use it as that will work better. I'm still using my old (like 40 year old) blender for smoothies until my Ninja comes in. But, I read the other day to freeze the fresh kale and use the frozen kale in the smoothies so that it purees better and tastes better.

I froze the kale and no more little bits in my smoothie.

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1/7/14 8:04 P

Thats actually why i wanted this blender cuz it is suppost to be one of the best. I went on youtube to look at others making smoothies and theirs turns out fine.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,156
1/7/14 8:01 P

Some blenders don't do that marvelous a job of pureeing to a paste. My Processor does a mediocre job, but my wizz stick (stick blender) does a fantastic job, and a better job than my previous wizz stick.


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1/7/14 7:30 P

I love smoothies.. Healthy ones and especially ones that incorporate veggies like kale, spinach or celery. I don't get enough greens and love adding them to the smoothies. However, when I blend them I still see tiny pieces in there. Does anyone know how to get it to fully blend? I just got a professional ninja lender which is just like a vitamix and I blended it for at least a minute or longer but still had tiny pieces.

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