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2/5/12 1:44 A

Be green but remember as adults we need our food whole- we got past mashing our food to death like babies when weaned on to solids.. When we destroy all the fiber and make our ready to drink connect the dots with the idea the stomach then has no problems burning it off.. It doesn't have to do alot of work to break down the contents it just absorbs it and reduces the time people are satisified..
We in the resthome industry spend alot of man hours getting the elderly to keep enjoying solid foods.. Smoothies are so out of hand now it is a step back in eating evolution for the human race..
Cave men ate their food whole, if they wanted anything grounded it was done with rocks lol.. But thats humans to a T- lemmings follow the leaders blindly without thinking what they are doing to themselfs... If you don't like your food whole perhaps look up recipes and make them taste better whole..

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/4/12 5:56 P

since I went vegan raw last January, Green smoothies are part of my normal daily routine. I actually crave them if I don't have one which is not often. I will add an extra if I eat poorly as well. My energy level went through the roof, my skin cleared up, my hair grew thicker and faster. My nails are stronger.
I have a couple favorites I will share if you message me. I have also added some of the ones I did in the recipe finder.
My smoothies only run about 200 to 300 calories since I don't use a lot of sugary fruits. I use unsweetened fruit but may add some stevia to them. I also add coconut nectar. I am not diabetic, but I watch my sugar intake carefully.

I love my vitamix and wouldn't trade it in for anything. A dehydrator just joined my favorite appliances and use it weekly if not bi-weekly.

KETPATT Posts: 14
2/4/12 2:23 P

Yes, you are right.. the detox is very misleading.. and probably a little weakening to the body as you don't get proteins and other essentials..

A smoothie a day is the way to go right now.. :)

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
2/4/12 8:58 A

Ketpatt, I'm all about encouraging green smoothie consumption, but I'd advise avoiding any talk about detox. It screams short term fad dieting, which doesn't match with the long-term change you mention making.

KETPATT Posts: 14
2/4/12 8:49 A

Green Smoothies are also used as a detox tool. But for that, one would need to drink just that (as much as you like) for a long period like 1,3,7 or 14 days. The smoothies for detox are completely raw and no dairy products. The green smoothie challenge (whoever designed it) has been originally designed for 14 days.. I could't even sustain one day on only green smoothies. But people who have tried it say that they lost 2-3% of body fat during this challenge. I am going to try it again when I get enough will power.

There is plenty of information on the web about the green smoothie challenge.

KETPATT Posts: 14
2/4/12 8:38 A

Wow thank you for the very detailed information. :)

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2/3/12 12:25 P

I have been freezing the ingredients (yogurt, concentrated juice, cooked spinach) in tablespoon portions in a small ice cube tray. Then putting them in 1 serving groups for fast blending. I am thinking about doing a veggie mixed with carrots and other greens. Anyone have any good ideas or combos?

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
2/3/12 12:07 P

My recipe:

1c of milk
1/2 scoop protein powder (vanilla)
1/2 a banana
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 kale leaf
handful of ice

blend until smooth - so yummy.

I've also replaced the banana and ice with frozen fruits. I make it with or without the peanut butter. but above is a good basic recipe.

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2/3/12 9:15 A

Regarding digestion of greens: Because green leafy vegetables have very tough cell walls it is very difficult for our bodies to break them down. The best way to accomplish this is to chew the greens until they are mush in your mouth. Cooking also helps to break down the cell walls but will also cause some vitamin loss.
Blending greens into a smoothie (especially with a high powered blender like a vitamix) will accomplish the same thing as chewing the greens into mush in your mouth. Since chewing leaves into mush can take a very long time it would be difficult to get the same benefits from eating greens whole as you can get from eating them in a smoothie.
Really the only benefit you're losing is the extra calorie burn from chewing 60-80 times per mouthful of greens. Most people don't chew their food that much and thus are not going to be able to fully digest the greens they eat and will not get the same benefit from them. Besides, chewing, even for a minute per bite, doesn't really burn that many calories. is possible to over do it on greens but you would have to eat quite a lot in order to do so. As a natural defense the plants do have a small amount of a mild poison in their leaves. It would take a LOT of greens in a relatively short period of time for this to build up in your system enough for you to feel side effects but it is possible. I don't know exactly how much greens you'd have to eat on a daily basis to feel an effect though. 10 or more servings at least I'd think. If you eat that many greens you'd probably start to turn green before you actually felt sick though!

My daily green smoothie: Frozen berries (1/3-1/2C), spirulina (seaweed powder) (1tsp), spinach and/or kale (1.5-2C), raw food protein powder (chocolate or berry flavored) (1 large scoop), water (1-2C). It looks like mud and tastes like heaven. Also, if you add protein powder I recommend blending everything else together first and then just blending the powder in for a short time to encorporate otherwise it can make it overly frothy.

ALIBELLA81 Posts: 47
2/3/12 8:10 A

Yum! I have some frozen mixed berries,kale and spinach. I may have to try a smoothie later on today! I know the physician I used to work with drank green smoothies everyday and she loved them.

2/3/12 8:06 A

I have a green smoothie ever day. Love them!

I make mine with frozen berries, greens (spinach, kale, collards, bok choy), and 2T seeds (flax or chia usually, sometimes sunflower seeds or nuts instead) and water. I recently bought a Vitamix blender and because it totally blends the greens (no flecks!!) I no longer add any sweetener to it. For some reason the berry taste wins out even though I use 5 times as much greens as berries.

My smoothies come to about 200-250 calories and have about 15g protein without adding any protein powder.

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KETPATT Posts: 14
2/2/12 11:01 P

Hello All,

It is very exciting to find out that so many of us have thought about this. I do agree that it ends up making the digestive system not work as hard. But it is definitely better than not eating greens at all.. tough choice.. :)

I have a generic version of magic bullet (got it online under 20 bucks).. It is those types in which you can blend and drink in the same cup.. So i make one in the morning, fasten the lid and take one straight to work. This is what I drink around 10 o clock. Its been working out pretty great.

Here are some of my fav recipes:

1) Cantaloupe + Spinach (1:1) Do not add a lot of water initially. the lesser water you add the smoother it gets.

2) Strawberries (4-5) + banana (1/2) + Parsley + Kale ( 1 cup total leaves or as much as you can take)

There are some pretty good recipes online as well.

Good luck guys..
Please share your adventures in the green smoothie land with everyone.. :D

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/2/12 8:02 P

i made one using avocado and spinach ...i think i added banana and apple to it. It tasted good but the avocado made it not store very well so if I do that again I need to only make enough for one drink. It also wasn't exactly the lowest calorie drink ever. I have a couple green smoothie recipes that I may try some day if I feel like it.

From a time and cleanup standpoint I find it easier just to eat the spinach.

From a health standpoint; I think it's better to eat the veggies because blending them to a pulp makes your digestive system not have to work as hard to break them down. But at least the vitamins are still in it. Once a day is fine.

2/2/12 8:01 P

I'm also really intrigued by this idea but would like to follow a recipe first. I have to say I prefer my smoothies sweet even if it's just because of fruit, yogurt, or splenda :)

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2/2/12 7:47 P

I love smoothies. I've yet to try a green smoothie just because...I'm scared. I may start trying to add some spinach one leaf at a time. I know they're great for health but it just doesn't look appetizing haha. Thanks for sharing!

ALIBELLA81 Posts: 47
2/2/12 7:26 P

I would love to try a green smoothie! I just need to find a good recipe for it.

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2/2/12 7:24 P

Have you seen the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"? it is on netflix and is all about green juicing. I haven't tried it myself (I'm already a veggie fiend) but I might make one sometime. Do you use a blender or a juicer?

KETPATT Posts: 14
2/2/12 5:48 P

I have recently introduced green smoothies to my diet and I make it a point to have at least one per day. I have spent my entire 25 years of life not eating enough greens, fruit and vegetables. I want to change that in the coming years of my life.

These smoothies have turned out to be a wonderful blessing to my lack of nutrition body. Just by including one a day in my diet since jan 3rd I have solved most of my digestive problems, I feel lighter and more refreshed..

If you have tried a green smoothie yet, I encourage you to try it.. There is no real recipe.. Mix any greens and fruits (if you are new to the concept add more fruit to make it sweet tasting) but the general rule is add as much greens as you think you can take.

If you know more about these green smoothies please share with everyone.. Everything has been so good that I have started to doubt if these smoothies are bad for the body in any way? or is it bad to overdo it? but I could not come up with any logic behind this.. Please share your opinions.. :)

Be green!

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