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3/12/13 1:31 P

I drink a cup with a lemon slice every morning in place of coffee. I heard it's supposed to help with blood pressure and cholesterol too.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,075
3/12/13 11:02 A

I agree with Coach Jen. Especially about the cancer part. Neither my oncologist nor my husband's, recommends green tea for preventing cancer. They stick by the basic guidelines-- quit smoking, don't drink, eat a healthy diet, get some exercise, and maintain a healthy weight.

There *may* be some small studies somewhere about that benefit of green tea, but they could be too small or too short or too focused, to the exclusion of other factors-- that they're not really useful. Like if they only looked at drinking green tea and didn't look at all at whether a person smoked.

If you like it, drink it. It does have some benefits over other choices of things to drink. Personally I don't like hot tea but I enjoy a glass of iced tea sometimes.

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3/12/13 10:33 A

I have found the same thing that Coach Jen posted. It's also got less caffeine and some studies suggest that post meal it helps with digestion.
As for adding flavors, as long as they're natural and not sugary they shouldn't be a bad thing. Personally, I like a little honey and maybe 1/2 a squeezed lemon. If that's too lemony for you, you can put a couple lemon slices in while you steep the tea (unsqueezed) and they'll add a mellow lemon flavor.
Explore tea, there's such a tremendous variety of flavors. I enjoy my coffee, but I try to work in tea regularly because it's easier on the digestive system.

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3/12/13 10:25 A

Thanks for the information. I think I will be drinking green tea today. Does it matter if the tea has other flavors added to it?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 59,330
3/12/13 10:15 A

I don't think there is research to validate that green tea prevents cancer, and I know there is not research to validate that it helps with weight loss. It does have antioxidants which provide health benefits, so here's an article with more info if you're interested:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/12/13 8:50 A

It is good for preventing cancer.... suppose to increase metabolism for more weight loss...and seems a host of other things too... I drink 3 per day to prevent BC

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3/12/13 8:39 A

I have heard that green tea is suppose to be good for you but I forget what the reason is. I am really not much of a tea-drinker. I don't mind a cup of tea, just am not in the habit but do want to start drinking some tea instead of coffee all the time. emoticon

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