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9/26/13 5:14 P

Every day I eat breakfast, usually oatmeal, multi grain cheerios, or a protein bar with a fruit. For my morning snack I have fruit, for lunch I will have a grilled chicken salad or tuna fish plain (most days) and a vegetable. Afternoon snack is yogurt, 100 calorie popcorn or fruit. Dinner varies but always consists of protein & vegetable. Occasionally my family will have pizza but not often. I drink PLENTY of water. My calorie range is between 1200 - 1500, usually closer to 1500.

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9/26/13 4:43 P

Stress can often affect how and what a person eats. If you eat poorly in the beginning your body is often less able to deal with the stress and suffer more from fatigue. Have you looked at your diet in it's entirety, as in not only eating ENOUGH calories for your weight, but also eating fairly clean, and getting in a good amount of lean protein and NON-processed carbs, but ditching most, if not all, processed carbs. A lot of people see a range of, say, 1200-1550 and think that eating 1200 is where they need to be. THAT is for an average weight woman who is sedentary. When you factor in a heavier weight and/or exercise/activities, then you need to eat more.

Are you drinking any alcohol? That can drain our energy and if you are following calories, take away from healthy foods you can have in it's place.

Are you getting plenty of fruit and veges, and included in that is a mix of colours. Think 'a rainbow of colours' and try to get a variety of colours in each day.

Are you eating ALL your meals, and not skipping some or eating too little - particularly at the beginning of the day?


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9/26/13 4:19 P

I had blood work done in September and every thing came back great, even better than last year. Stress is a key contributor, unfortunately the only thing I could do to reduce stress at work is to find another job...and that is not an option. I do not want to drink anything with caffeine because it has been 13 months since I've had caffeine (except for an occasional drink of my kids soda) so I do not want to add the calories by drinking soda, tea, coffee, etc. That is why I thought green tea supplement with caffeine would be better.

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9/26/13 4:14 P

I would be inclined to have an appointment with your Dr before you try anything like that. There are many things that can contribute to it and doing some bloods COULD reveal the problem. Things like hypothyroidism, low iron or B12, or Diabetes are common factors with this, and can easily be addressed if that is the case.

Dealing appropriately with stress can be really helpful, too! Ensuring that you get good sleep is a starting point. I know that stress can make sleep quality poor, so you may need to snatch in a little nap to help. Learning proper breathing techniques can help, too. It helps to oxygenate the body properly which has obvious benefits. If your workload is helping to cause the stress, see what you can pare back on. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It is far better than trying to go it alone.

Good luck,

9/26/13 4:00 P

I was feeling similarly, sluggish and cold all the time. My doc checked my thyroid level and it was low. She prescribed something, and I am much better.

9/26/13 3:57 P

I take the green tea supplement not because I believe it will help lose weight but because it is an anti cancer thing for breast cancer.... the kind I use is natrol which also has resveratrol in it another cancer inhibitor and the natrol one is called diet... I find it is the best price about 7 or 8 dollars for 60... this is cheaper than tamoxifen or letrozole with much less side effects. It says it is a mood booster.. I also drink 1 to three cups of green tea most days... apparetly the tea plus mushroom decrease my chance of cancer returning by 90%... I also eat brocolli and do some other things for prevention ..

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9/26/13 11:34 A

I used to take green tea supplements. Yes, they give me pack of energy when working out. but i have to stop for fear that I am causing my body more harm than good.

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9/26/13 11:13 A

Stress is definitely a factor. I usually do cardio 3 times a week (every other day). I have not been as faithful to strength training as I should be. Cardio (Zumba) helps relieve stress so I am faithful to that. My stress level has increased at work & at home so I know it is only temporary that is why I considered trying the green tea supplement...not as a permanent fix just a way to get me over this hump for a few weeks or a month.

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9/26/13 10:47 A

My feeling is that supplements might mask the problem, but it's still important to try and figure out why you're feeling low on energy so that you're dealing with the root of the problem. Are you low on any specific nutrients in your diet (like iron)? Are you under more stress than usual? Are you taking enough rest days from exercise? Can you pinpoint when you started feeling like this and what might have changed in your routine around that time?

Coach Jen

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9/26/13 10:45 A

I have been thinking about taking Green tea fat burner or supplement. I do not want to take it because I think it is a "magic pill". I have lost 60 lbs on my own and I know that the only way to lose weight & become healthy is through health eating & exercise. However, I was hoping that the green tea fat burning supplement would give me more energy to continue with my exercise program. I have just been so tired lately and I need an extra boost. I have tried changing my diet around and getting more rest but I just feel sluggish. I do not drink caffeine. Please let me know your thoughts. Again - I am not doing it to speed up weight loss - I just want the other benefits.

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