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8/19/13 10:17 P

To add to what the lady below me said, you can also copy and paste whole meals to other days. I have a sort of complicated smoothie I make, with variations, so I just copy and paste the whole enchilada, then add or delete bits.

Unfortunately, however, yep, that first time you have to add it all in manually.

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8/19/13 5:45 P

If you want top accuracy, you should just log each individual part of what you put into your smoothie, i.e., 1/2-cup spinach, 1 small banana, etc.

The good news is that you can use your food groupings on your Nutrition Tracker. That way you wouldn't have to add things individually every time.

Hope this helps!

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Hi everyone, I've recently begun making a green smoothie as part of my breakfast. I usually add some cucumber, kale, spinach, an apple or banana, water, or any other veggies. I'm not sure how to add this to my food tracker. Any suggestions?

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