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As the others have your money....get back to real, whole foods: lean meats and protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, lowfat dairy. If you need a listing of such foods, check out this:

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3/5/13 3:52 P

You don't need a gimmicky green juice cleanse. You would be more satisfied by just eating vegetables, fruit and cutting out added sugar and processed foods. That would reset your taste buds just the same which is really what you say you are wanting to do. emoticon
This is a good article...there is great info on how to juice properly.

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Cleanses don't work. You don't need to starve yourself and live on juice for days to start eating healthier. Your body isn't a toilet: It can't be flushed.

Instead of a 5-day "cleanse", why not focus on eating only whole foods? Make a pledge to eat only whole foods, made from scratch, with only complex carbs (whole grains and vegetables/fruit). It will have the same benefit, without needing to turn to juices. Our resident dietician, Becky Hand, recommends no more t han one glass of juic eof *any* kind a day.

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3/5/13 3:11 P

I would never survive five days of nothing but green juice.

Is it possible for you to simply put your foot down and return to clean eating? Without taking that unenjoyable "cleanse" step?

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I was at a wedding this past weekend, and since then I have been in this rut of over-carbed, over-processed eating. I need to break this sugar cravings cycle, and I want to cleanse the palette and then return to clean eating. I am planning on a 5 day green power drink cleanse. Who has done a green cleanse? What was your go-to green drink? How did you structure it?


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