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2/22/13 2:24 P

Why are you looking for a gimmick? You can enjoy chocolate and pizza in moderation. The only thing to do with green coffee beans is roast them and enjoy fresh brewed coffee!

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2/22/13 2:20 P

For starters, stop taking weight loss advice from Dr. Oz. He can't be trusted, at all.

As for "perfectly", what does that mean, exactly? There is no room for perfection in a healthy lifestyle. 1200 calories may, in fact, not be enough for you if you're exercising.

I would suggest starting here for ideas on how to get the scale moving.

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2/22/13 2:13 P

Nothing. I spent 86.00 on a product that had both Keto's and green coffee. Followed the directions, use it for two weeks and nothing. 1200 calories a day. Exercising. Can't get 1 pound off. Eating perfectly . Why won't it budge.

PJANTO Posts: 79
2/6/13 11:03 A

I have been taking green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones for a few weeks and haven't noticed any increased weightloss, but do notice increased energy. Not jitters like from drinking too much coffee. I buy the store brand and it's around $20.00 a month for both, so if it is a placebo effect, I don't mind. I plan to stop taking them when I reach my goal in a few pounds to see if I notice any change in my energy levels. To each his own.

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2/4/13 11:24 P

There is no reliable evidence that these things can do anything. Fat loss is, at its core, about eating fewer calories than you burn. Over the counter, unregulated supplements with no scientific evidence of efficacy are not a good choice.

If you do a search here on the site (the search box is at the top) you'll found countless threads about these; for every person you'll find touting the things, if you come back months later, they have no more progress.

I agree with the PP. It's a placebo effect at best. And even if it did work (and there's no evidence that it does) it teaches you nothing about how to handle the very cause of your weight loss... overeating and cravings. Without the pills, how do you deal with it?

Skip the supplements, stop watching Dr Oz, and focus on eating right and exercising. There are no shortcuts, quick fixes, nor easy ways out.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/4/13 10:20 P

I would consider them a placebo effect at best. The supposed miracle substance in them is "chlorogenic acid" which is also present in roasted coffee, tea, blueberries, potatoes, apples, etc., etc., etc.

JADIP44 Posts: 22
2/4/13 10:07 P

Has anyone tried the green coffee beans and have weight loss over it. I am curious, cause of course everyones different. I am currently on them as of today. I work out about three times a week and i cant say my eating healthy is that great. I do love veggies but i also love chocolate and pizza. But today is the first day on the bean and i do not feel hungry at all. I am always in that pantry looking for something to munch and right now i am not feeling hungry pains. I am still going to eat something but i am not sure if its really the pill that cures the fat or cures the craving and keeps you out of the fridge. I also heard of people losing 17 pounds and then getting off pills and then back comes the weight and the headaches are pretty bad. Anyone on the same pill.

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