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8/23/12 9:50 P

When SparkPeople helped me get healthy, I learned to use Greek yogurt. I tested them all, and of course fell in love with Fage--the priciest.

So I bought a yogurt maker and now make my own, using some Fage as a starter. I think it's quite comparable in creaminess and flavor. I use it now in place of sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, --and even frosting, if you can believe it. Mix in some truvia and cocoa powder (or maple syrup, or lemon extract, etc), and you've got a frosting to die for. I'd never go back to the fat-and-sugar frostings again!

I make up 4 cups of 2% milk at a time, which when strained yields about 2 1/2 cups of the thickest yogurt I could desire. The liquid, "yogurt whey" is wonderful--like clear golden buttermilk.

It makes into fantastic salad dressings and tasty dips. Works great instead of sour cream for sauces like stroganoff sauce.

If you'd like information about the yogurt maker I bought, pop me an e-mail and I'd be happy to chat with you further.

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8/23/12 6:43 P


my mouth is watering! emoticon

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
8/23/12 2:15 P

I have acquired a taste for FAGE plain Greek yogurt with frozen or fruit fresh .....I also use it as sour cream and have used it as a substitute for mayo ib salads.....I love the chobani too, but it is too many calories for not enough hunger satisfaction.

8/1/12 10:24 P

I tend to like the full fat version. A half cup in the morning with blueberries and a tiny bit of granola will keep me satisfied until lunch instead of leaving me insane with cravings like many breakfasts do.

As someone else said, make sure it's actually greek yogurt not a regular yogurt with thickeners in it. Those are not near as satisfying and have lots of added ingredients.

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8/1/12 9:11 P

Wow, @LESLEYN, that sounds wonderful! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

7/29/12 2:08 P

Wow! Lots of great ideas for greek yogurt uses! I have always loved the ones with fruit-Chobani or Fage. This summer I discovered how wonderful plain yogurt is. I love vanilla pudding so I started adding a few drops of vanilla and a half packet of stevia to the plain yogurt. I then have a base where I can add fruit and nuts. Best part is, my family will leave the plain yogurt alone...and it's all mine!

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6/8/12 11:31 A

I am fan of Chobani non-fat, either plain, vanilla, lemon, black cherry, pommagranate, or honey. They are all between 100-150 cal.

SAYMORRE Posts: 279
6/4/12 8:07 P

Here are some nutritional comparisons for the most popular ones.

I like mine plain with a bit of honey, fresh bananas, fresh strawberries and slivered almonds

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
5/25/12 7:06 A


DATMAMA4 SparkPoints: (29,534)
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5/21/12 8:53 P

Chobani is my favorite Greek yogurt. One of our local store has its own Greek yogurt with ingredients and nutritional information exactly matching my favorite Chobani flavors, all non-fat. I've seen Dannon and Yoplait brands with Greek yogurt, but their nutritional information and ingredients didn't impress me.

I didn't realize plain non-fat yogurt could be strained further to get the texture of Greek -- I like the texture of Greek because it's thick like sour cream. Thanks to whomever mentioned that trick!

Harleygirl70, would you post your crockpot recipe here, or send it to me in a SP email? That sounds interesting!

HARLEYGIRL70 Posts: 358
5/21/12 5:15 A

I LOVE greek yogurt! My hubby makes me this using a crockpot recipe that we have, it is awesome and VERY inexpensive.

LAUGH88 SparkPoints: (19,429)
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5/20/12 7:35 A

I use Greek yogurt instead of a lot of mayonnaise. If a recipe calls for mayo, I use only a tiny bit with the rest yogurt.

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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5/18/12 1:23 P

Fage also has a full fat version--Fage Total. It is emoticon , but not carried by many stores (Whole Foods has it).

This is great for dessert!

I'm not afraid of fat--it's a necessary nutrient and helps you feel full sooner/longer. I prefer the 2% for everyday. emoticon

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/18/12 10:53 A

Because Greek yogurt has become so popular, you really have to read the labels as they are putting the name of "greek yogurt" on some that are not really healthy at all!

Fage plain Greek yogurt is my favorite, the calorie content is low and the protein is high. I use as a sub for sour cream and as a topping for fruit. I do not need it to be sweet as the creaminess is what I love!

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4/7/12 8:32 P

I also use it for dips, but it also makes a good addition to Mashed potatoes, instead of the butter and milk of my childhood, and it tastes just like sour cream!

4/7/12 11:33 A

In my grocery store, there's regular Greek yogurt, 2% and nonfat (and usually about four brands of each). Maybe talk to your grocer and see if they'll order the nonfat for you to try.

LESLEYN SparkPoints: (14,922)
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4/6/12 10:43 P

I add 1/2 scoop of any flavour protein powder to 1/2 cup 0% fat Greek yogurt and dip my apple slices in it- DELICIOUS!!

MAD1230 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/12 12:09 P

try vosko's plain original greek yogurt.

TMMELBY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/3/12 2:49 P

wow, I didn't realize that Greek Yogurt was so much different than regular. Thanks for all of the info.

3RDTIMEISACHARM SparkPoints: (0)
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4/2/12 7:51 P

I am a Greek yogurt fan. Fage topping the bill, and I eat the 2% the calories are lower than most sugar filled yogurts in the store and the portion much larger. Of course I also add my own honey or fruit...though they do sell containers with fruit attached.

I think...and I could be wrong, but I think Greek yogurt is pressed, not strained. What I love about has nothing to do with the calories, protein, or fat contend...I love the thickness. I was introduced years ago and never went back to other yogurts.

In my area Safeway sells the stuff, and QFC...which is Kroger also carries it. If your local stores are not selling, ask for it. You might be's hot selling, they might be willing to give it a whirl.

Also agreeing with other, it works great in recipes.


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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/2/12 11:03 A

I eat nonfat Greek yogurt. I use plain in place of sour cream sometimes. I prefer sour cream for things like tacos, but it works well as the base for veggie dips that call for sour cream, and I've used a dill dip I made with Greek yogurt in some cole slaw (along with mayo), and that was yummy. I use vanilla quite a bit with some fruit as a snack, and I like the pre-portioned fruited flavored ones as well.

3/31/12 11:35 A

Thanks all for the advice! I checked another store today and they also only had the 10% fat...double the calories of my usual plain yogurt. Boo! My husband suggested trying a Turkish market and seeing if Turkish yogurt is also strained like Greek, and I haven't done that yet. Or I might try straining my own.

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KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
3/31/12 12:09 A

I like the Chobani of Fage 0% fat Greek yogurt. It's a great sub for mayo in tuna, egg or chicken salad, and I use it as a protein source in my breakfast smoothies, too.

However, if you can't get lowfat Greek yogurt where you are, you can try buying plain lowfat or nonfat yogurt and removing the whey by straining it on cheesecloth for a few hours.

BRIT83 Posts: 687
3/30/12 12:10 P

I love plain greek yogurt and add my own sweetener to it (usually fresh berries and a small amount of honey). Or sub it for sour cream, or use it in a lot of recipes. It's thicker and creamier so I like the texture better then traditional yogurt. Read the labels. Different brands have different amounts of protein/fat/sugars (even for plain). We have one local brand here that has about 8 grams of protein for a 6 oz portion versus Fage which has about 22 grams of protein for 8 oz.

I have a tub of 2% TJ's greek yogurt in the fridge right now. It has 3 grams of fat but less sugar and more protein then it's 0% counterpart.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
3/30/12 12:02 P

Greek yogurt is higher in protein than traditional yogurts which is one reason that a lot of people are getting onto the bandwagon with it. More protein = more satiety = less other eating... Like most things, there are a lot of different varieties and amounts of fat and sugars. You said there aren't the flavored/sweetened types where you are so if you were to give it a try I'd suggest adding your own fruits and maybe a touch of honey. It would also be a good substitute in any dishes you were to make that call for sour cream or mayonnaise.

3/30/12 11:27 A

There are no flavored Greek yogurts here since, like I said, it hasn't taken off as a fad. So I think I'm safe on the sugar front! Thanks for the info!! :)

3/30/12 9:55 A

There are 0% fat Greek Yogurts...several different brands. Those are the ones I choose to buy.
Check the sugar and calorie counts as well...Some of them are loaded with junk that takes away the benefit of eating something 'healthy'!

3/30/12 4:48 A

Where I live there is no Greek yogurt fad, so I don't know too much about it. I see a lot of people here eat it, though, and I want to try it. What I'm wondering is what the fat content is of the Greek yogurt you guys are eating. There's only one type at my usual grocery store and it's 10% that what everyone's eating, or are there lower fat versions in places where it's more of a trend?

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