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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
2/6/14 12:33 P

I would stick with the Yoplait. You could probably get plain or Vanilla Yoplait 100 and add your own fruit.

I don't like change or cottage cheese either.

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2/6/14 12:30 P

I do like yogurt. I'm not too fond of change and it takes me awhile to get used to the idea of changes (whether it's with food or with life in general). I had gone years without eating yogurt, even though I like it. I decided to give the Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt a chance when I saw the coupon in the Sunday paper. This was about 9 months after I started working out and a year and a half after deciding to lose weight. I've seen the discussions on here about Greek Yogurt and the different brands...which one is better, healthier, etc.

I definitely prefer yogurt to cottage cheese. Cottage cheese just looks weird. I know that sounds weird but that's how I am about food...if it looks or smells weird (or looks or smells different from what I am used to) then I won' touch it. That's what I meant about being particular (or picky) about my foods. I don't want to pay for food that is going to be wasted because I don't like the taste.

I like the Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt. I ate the Fage brand that I described in my original post. It was alright. I ended up putting it on pieces of a Granny Smith Apple to eat it (this was the strawberry flavor). I think that I can get used to the taste of the Fage Greek Yogurt (or the generic version of it), but it will take some time.

I appreciate all the answers. It looks like having apples, blueberries, and strawberries (and maybe even some granola - or whatever it is called) available then I think I can get used it. Has anyone tried it with banana's? I love banana's too.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
2/6/14 10:56 A

I read your post several times. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I am sensing that you don't really like yogurt.

If I am correct in assuming this. Then you don't have to eat it at all. Regardless of any health benefits. You might like cottage cheese better.

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2/6/14 10:53 A

The Yoplait most likely has artificial sweetener, hence the 100 calories. Chobani has a newer Greek version called Simply 100 that's sweetened with Stevia, but it still tastes "off" to me. If you want it sweetened, your choices are pretty much a) do it yourself b)artificially sweetened c) sugar sweetened with more calories.

I can't stand store brand yogurt. I've tried a lot of them and they just aren't the same. I like Fage and Chobani, but typically get big tubs of the plain, because I also use it as substitute for sour cream/oil in various cooking and baking preparations.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/6/14 9:13 A

I add fruit preserves to unflavored yogurt, too. I look for the no-sugar fruit preserves. But - if you have the fruit, you can just cook it down, cool it off and add it to the yogurt yourself (possibly cheaper and has more fiber).

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
2/6/14 8:32 A

I love Fage brand yogurt. I buy the plain and add orange marmalade to it. It's so much tastier than their fruity kinds (though I buy those too for variety).

I've also added unsweetened chocolate, a little sugar and vanilla to plain yogurt. Haven't done it in awhile and can't remember the amounts though.

Here are some ideas for making plain yogurt tastier, no honey necessary!

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2/6/14 8:07 A

I buy a big tub of plain greek yogurt (usually the store brand since it's cheaper and has no additives) and a 4lb bag of frozen blueberries. It's pretty cheap ($1/serving) and no added sugar.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,213
2/6/14 8:06 A

Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt is 120 Calories for 8 Ounces with about 20 grams of protein and zero contains no added sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives and no powdered milk, powdered cream or powdered protein and is gluten free. It’s low-calorie and filling.

I add frozen blueberries which I buy for under $2 to sweeten at Walmart and add Chopped Walnuts for crunch and to protect my heart. Good with sliced almonds, microwaved apple chunks, Strawberries, shelled pumpkin seeds..

This is the lowest in sugar as I have found...9 grams...if your counting carbs...9 carbs

Strawberries are now in season....wash, slice and freeze some.

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2/6/14 7:23 A

Here is the actual nutritional information for the two.

Yoplait greek 100 strawberry:

FAGE nonfat strawberry etc (so we're comparing apples to apples):

And wow, holy crud on the sugar in the FAGE (16g for 120 calories, versus 9 for 100 in the Yoplait despite that even 9 is pretty darn high for the calorie count). I don't have the ingredient list in this link so conceivably the FAGE is healthier in that regard to go along with its better reputation, but that is a lot of sugar for a little cup of yogurt. Of course the FAGE does have the strawberry stuff separate, so if you wanted you could use just a quarter of it or something, whereas you can't do that with the premixed yoplait.

As for your other questions -- plain yogurt is undoubtedly healthier; there's lactose in it (milk sugar) but no added sugars or other superfluous ingredients. Since it is sour, you could sweeten it on your own if that makes you happiest. Honey isn't necessary, you could use anything you want. (To make the point most clearly, you could even use a teaspoon of plain old table sugar for about 4 g and come out ahead of the processed flavors.)

Berries are hideously expensive in winter, but they do sell frozen fruit these days which is much cheaper. Just check the frozen foods aisles. I've seen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and other things, and they're great when mixed into stuff (such as yogurt).

2/5/14 10:41 P

I've been getting the store brand of plain Greek (store is Price Chopper), the ingredients are exactly the same as Chobani and Fage: milk, cream and probiotics.

I have a cup of yogurt and half a tablespoon of real maple syrup as a snack, so delicious. I'm surprised the little bit of maple syrup is enough to sweeten the whole thing. So you can use blueberries and unsweetened cocoa powder, or anything other than honey that you do like when you get the yogurt you decide on.

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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Posts: 748
2/5/14 4:51 P

In 2012, I decided to try the Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt when I saw a coupon for it in the Sunday newspaper. It took me a few tries, but I found that I liked it (the strawberry and mixed berry - which is really just blueberry). I've heard people talk about this Fage Greek Yogurt and how it's supposed to be the best of the best when it comes to Greek Yogurt. I am rather particular about my tastes. I don't like honey. I liked it as a kid, but I don't like it now.

I got one of the 5.3 ounce cups of Fage Total 0% with Strawberry (Greek Yogurt) the other day and I'm going to try it tonight. What about this plain yogurt (for Fage)? Is that an even better choice? I am not fond of eating plain yogurt. People talk about adding honey...that won't happen since I don't like honey. How expensive would it get to add the fruit yourself? I would probably stick with strawberries and blueberries for now.

I'm just curious to know if there really is a huge difference in the health benefits of these two brands. The biggest concern is the taste and which one would be the healthier choice. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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