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3/26/13 7:39 P

I work for an airline and I am on airplanes all the time. I take my own food on the plane and to many hotels when I stay overnight. Sometimes I take small individual packs of natural peanut butter(found at most stores now) and eat with celery/carrots or crackers or even a small banana. ,Ideas for travel food are always improving, lots of grocery stores now have individual meals!! Trader Joes has great salads with salad dressing and fixings all in separated containers, so as not to spoil! TRY THEM!

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8/11/12 10:52 A

These are certainly all super ideas. You did mention the "veggie" burger. You might try to plan on one meal on the train - IF you went with the veggie burger, you could do just the veggie pattie w/out the bun OR just one piece of the bun; they might substitute a salad for fries or chips. Just a thought! If you got breakfast on there, you could get oatmeal & fruit OR scrambled eggs & toast!

Have fun on the trip - but GREAT idea to plan ahead for sure!

8/11/12 10:43 A

Thank you so much! These are all wonderful ideas! I've never been on a train before so I didn't know there could be a hot water service for my own herbal teas and what not. And it makes sense there are some healthier cup of soups out there that aren't loaded with preservatives and sodium.

These are all great ideas! Thanks!

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8/11/12 10:29 A

head to the cup of soup aisle. yep, i said cup of soup. specifically check for the dr macdougall's, nile and health valley brands. they have things like lentil curry, chili and black bean soup [which has 13 g fiber in a cup]. look around and see if there are a few you'd like. the ingredient lists are pretty decent. and odds are you should have no problem getting hot water on the train to heat them [they do have coffee and tea, correct?].
beyond that, hit the healthy food store for just veggies. they're dehydrated fruits and veggies that you can either eat just like popcorn or you can add to things like cup of soups to rehydrate them.

8/10/12 9:19 P

That sounds like such a fun trip! Well, I've never been on a train, so maybe 24 hours would be a lot - but I hope you get to see a lot of amazing scenery whipping by as you go :)

I have written some of my tricks for eating healthy while traveling (both on the trip, as well as while at your destination) here:
if you want more detailed info.

But for the trip itself...

-Fresh fruit that can last: apples, oranges, pears
-pre-cut fruit for within the first 4 hours (pineapple, berries, melon, etc)
-Another shorter-term snack can be hummus for veggies. celery, sweet peppers, baby carrots, cucumber, etc. Or if you like veggies plain, some of those are pretty good at lasting as well without being cool
-avocado (yep, just cut it open, and enjoy a quarter for healthy, hunger-curbing fats and fiber!!)
-small portions of nuts and seeds ( try pre-sorting into serving sizes so you don't go overboard)
-Dairy free, dark chocolate (doesn't melt as easily I find - I love the Endangered Species brand, especially the super dark one, and the mint!)
-tea bags (you can often find hot water if you ask)
-tub of mixed greens with half a lemon to squeeze on (again, can make it for a little while without refrigeration. I took this on a flight before, and it was still good when I ate it, about 6 hours in as long as there's no meat, eggs, or cheese, but just veggies)

And a huge refillable bottle of water!! :)

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8/10/12 6:22 P

When we travel by train, we take a small insulated bag with fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, vegetable or whole grain crackers. Instead of taking up space with freeze packs, we freeze bottles of water, juice or home-made iced tea (no sugar) and drink that as it thaws.

Lots of larger train stations have take-out restaurants with healthy sandwiches and salads.

It's good that you're thinking ahead. It is possible to travel and stay on plan, but it takes some planning and careful shopping.

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8/10/12 5:33 P

Here are some ideas:

- Vegetable chips (actually pieces of root vegetables that are baked, not fried; they're sold in bulk at my local natural foods store)
- Shelf-stable packs of hummus like Wild Garden's Hummus to Go packs
- Ak-Mak crackers (or any other whole grain cracker you like)

- Nut or seed butters
- Whole fruits, like apples or oranges, or dried fruit
- Nuts, seeds and/or trail mix
- Cereal and tetra packs of milk (dairy or non-dairy)
- Jerky (beef, turkey or soy)

If there's any way for you to access hot water, like from the dining car, you could bring cups of soup, instant oatmeal, couscous and/or hot cocoa or instant coffee (I like Starbucks VIA Mocha).

I've also seen Go Picnic ready-to-go meals at Target recently. Their nutritional stats aren't too bad and all you'd need to bring is something to drink.

Good luck and good eating!

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8/10/12 5:03 P

KIND bars are good. Fresh fruit (apples, pears, bananas). You could buy tuna in a pouch. I make my own trail mix with pumpkin seeds, raisins, and walnuts. Celery or baby carrots would be fine for 24 hours. Kashi has some good crackers, bars, and cereal.

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8/10/12 4:38 P

I like Larabars but only if you like dates. They are made of primarily dates and some type of nut. But they are all natural.

8/10/12 4:11 P

Yes I am taking Amtrak. I was informed that they could not heat up or store cold goods due to health reasons.

I saw they had a few "low calorie" options on their menu, but some are really expensive and there is no nutritional info for the Texas Eagle veggie burger, which worries me.

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8/10/12 1:01 P

Trader Joe's dried green beans, l, Snap pea crisps, raw cashews, homemade peanut butter and jelly using whole grain bread, fruit-sweetened fruit preserves, and natural peanut butter. Are you taking Amtrak? Because Amtrak has microwaves, so I'm pretty sure you could bring a can of healthy soup or a chilled meal and ask them to microwave it for you. They also sell veggie burgers.

8/10/12 12:47 P

I'm planning a trip in a few months and will be taking an overnight, 24 hour train ride twice, and of course the menu is not calorie friendly. I'm trying to stay in a 1200-1500 daily calorie range.

I am allowed to bring food on the train with me, so I am curious: What are some good food healthy food ideas to bring along and help me stay on track with my diet? Nothing that has to be frozen, refridgerated, or heated.

The best thing I can think of so far is dried fruit like pitted dates. Any other suggestions?

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