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10/12/11 3:27 P

Thanks for the support everyone. I wasn't really hungry (surprise!) at lunch but I had an orange and black tea for lunch. Since I'm always hungry around 4pm, I'll eat a light version of my lunch then instead and have a very light supper with zero carbs (other than green leafies) for damage control.

@ kelly_r: I like to have a cheat day once in a while too, but this was totally unplanned for, so I'll try to keep the impact low and enjoy my cheat day on the week end as usual. : )

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10/12/11 3:15 P

have a light sallad, or a cup of veggie or chicken broth.

KELLY_R Posts: 3,022
10/12/11 2:41 P

Don't you just love those food booby-traps? Haha.

I agree with the others, however, in not skipping lunch. You don't need to torture yourself because you had a 400-calorie muffin. You don't do it every single day, so it's not going to negatively impact your entire week.

Honestly, I have one day a week where I eat what I feel like eating, calories be damned. If that means a 400-calorie muffin, then there's a 400-calorie muffin in there. I eat good and clean the rest of the week, so this doesn't impact me negatively at all. The real important thing, however, is on the day I eat what I want, I remain mindful that I still only eat until I feel sated, NOT until I feel like I'm going to explode. That would be bingeing, otherwise.

10/12/11 1:40 P

A member recently blogged about having half an onion blossom while dining out and when she got home to track it she found out that an onion blossom has over 2000 calories! She had eaten half of one so she ate over a thousand calories!! When in doubt don't do it. Or at least look it up first when in doubt and if your unable to look it up at that time.....DON'T do it. Thankfully a nice walk later on can take care of most of those calories.

KELKER Posts: 204
10/12/11 1:15 P

That's a great advertisement for both meal planning and tracking!
Because you track, you know what that muffin "cost" and that you have to balance your other intake.
I hope that you do eat some lunch though.

SNAZZYMC Posts: 268
10/12/11 12:29 P

Ignorance is bliss, I tell ya! I used to have one of those choco chip muffins plus an XL double-double coffee EVERY MORNING for breakfast............

I now drink my coffee black and only on the rarest of rare occasions have a Tim's muffin. When I think of how much more food (and better food) I could consume for those same calories....or that I would need to run for about 1hr to burn them off........well, it's pretty easy these days to say no!

But don't skip lunch! Just have something lighter, maybe with more protein and veggies. Skipping a meal might lead to over-eating later in the day and then you're no further ahead of the game.

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
10/12/11 11:35 A

OUCH! Well, maybe just skip the carbs at lunch and have a lite salad. We still need our nutrition, and I'll bet there wasn't much in the muffin :-/

Great job tracking the food!

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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10/12/11 11:30 A

I just can't believe it! I rarely eat fast food, especially sweets any more and now I know why. I work in a satellite office and just had a lovely visit from a member of our Management team who thoughtfully brought us Tim Hortons. I had one chocolate chip muffin to be polite and just tracked it. ALL 430 CALORIES of it!! CRAZY. I don't consume that many calories in a meal!! I am just floored. Guess I won't be eating lunch today!!

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