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6/28/09 12:25 P

Lilly - leo
Sable - Suede
Shylo - Simba
Cora - Corky
Im in a strange mood today ,had very little sleep but I hope I helped....let us know what you choose!
Good Luck

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6/28/09 12:13 P

Oops, just saw that we have a Sassy.

It once took me two weeks to name a kitten I found. He was black, and I eventually named him Soot because he got into my fireplace and left sooty footprints all over my peach-colored carpeting. (Whatever...Don't judge! It was the 80's...peach carpeting was considered edgy then!)

Don't rush his name - let it come naturally, and based on his personality, and it will be perfect.

JULZ94708 Posts: 140
6/28/09 12:08 P

Sushi and Sashimi?

Or how about staying in the herb/spice category, and call him Sage? (There's a plant called Silver Sage - it's very pretty)

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6/28/09 11:38 A

I had a friend whose cat would attack everything in sight at times. They called him Tac, short for attack. It fit him perfectly.

Check it out, you might get hooked on this also :)
LILLYJET Posts: 119
6/28/09 11:38 A

"REVLIS" That is Silver backwards. I have a friend that named her cat that!

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6/28/09 11:37 A

I love love love gray kitties. I have 2.

I tend to name my kitties with more regal just seems to fit them. I look on European name websites for really unique names.

My female is E-katerina (or reny for short)
My male is Sir Nottingham (or notty for short)

ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,647
6/28/09 11:28 A

I like the name SASSY for the girl!!! For the boy SPARKY OR Spunky if you want to stay in the S family. or as someone suggested Rascal for the boy?? SASSY AND SPARKY??? SASSY AND RASCAL??? I bet they are
so cute!!! I have 3 cats myself that I resued. They were adorable.
Now they are pretty neat each with their own personalities. emoticon

with me yet!
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6/28/09 11:11 A


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6/28/09 10:48 A

I like Smokey!

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6/28/09 8:40 A

I love the name Sassy for a grey kitty. I have a couple grey tabbies and sassy would suit them quite well.

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6/27/09 9:43 P

Hi, everyone!!! Thank you for all your suggestions and I have decided to name the girl kitten "Sassy". Hopefully my terrier, Missy, doesn't get confused with it. I did see that someone suggested that name and ironically I was thinking about this because of her personality. The boy is still hard to name. Some of the names you all have suggested I have had cats with those names that are no longer with me. This cat is very playful and loves to pick on his sister. Plus he loves to attack your feet. I should be able to think of something soon but would still welcome any suggestions you all may have. Thank you again. Spark On!!!

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6/27/09 9:25 A


KKKAREN Posts: 12,151
6/27/09 9:22 A

Kitty/Miss Kitty

6/27/09 8:58 A


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6/27/09 8:26 A

Greystoke and ash

Check it out, you might get hooked on this also :)
6/27/09 7:16 A

Smoky, ash, bullet.

I'm ~Stephanie~

Long live the Butterflies.

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6/27/09 1:10 A

How about SPARKY or SPUNKY???

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6/27/09 1:01 A

How about Bonnie & Clyde?

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ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,647
6/27/09 12:48 A

How about scrappy for the girl or Sassy sounds like she likes to wrestle???
For the boy??? You will think of a good name or names.

with me yet!
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6/27/09 12:23 A

Once again thank you for all the suggestions. I have been watching these 2 play. The sister, who is smaller, is the one who takes the chances and gets the best of her brother. I haven't still decided on names though. Dan7221954 and his daughter suggested Pepper, Twilight, and Shadow. I just wish something would hit me that would be just right. Thank you again. I'll let everyone know what I decide and hopefully post pictures on my SparkPage.

BLUEANGELLK Posts: 3,909
6/26/09 5:17 P

Jethro and Elly May

P.S. My friend says I come up with the worst names, so don't think I am kooky, I am just being me!

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6/26/09 4:23 P

Chaz and Lauryl

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,663
6/26/09 3:14 P

Salt and Pepper
Saltine and Mr. Pepper
Saltina and Dr. Pepper
Sterling and Silver

Let us know what you decide

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6/26/09 2:47 P


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6/26/09 1:43 P

Luna and Bella

ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,647
6/26/09 12:47 P

I named my kittens, who are now cats on some of their personality
traits. Have fun with them, let us know what names you come up with.
They are so much fun.

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6/26/09 12:36 P


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6/26/09 12:31 P

I named mine Stormie...

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6/26/09 12:28 P

Gandalf - the gray wizard in The Lord of the Rings

Check out for embroidery ideas
KATANA_X Posts: 2,557
6/26/09 12:24 P

I had a wonderful gray cat named Graymalkin (which is the name of the cat owned by the witches in Hamlet, and also the name of the street on which the X-Men lived before headquarters were transferred to San Francisco...YES, I know I'm a dork). It basically means "little gray." I called her Gray or Molly for short, and Mama after she had kittens.

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6/26/09 11:06 A

Thanks for all the suggestions. I haven't decided yet but I am thinking of other names besides having to do with their color. They are a couple of charaters though. Woke up this morning and they were both sleeping on the bookcase case headboard of the bed. Now they are playing and exploring everything. I'll figure out something I'm sure. I'm going to watch them and ten to one something will just hit that will be just right.

6/26/09 10:23 A

I would name it nothing having anything to do with color and name it based on personality, but that's me.

~*Brooke Donielle*~
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6/26/09 10:08 A

How about's Italian for gray.

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6/26/09 8:55 A


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6/26/09 8:47 A


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6/26/09 8:26 A

We had a Grayson.... Now we have a Smokey...

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6/26/09 7:44 A

Bonnie & Clyde
Heidi & Max

no color or shade references

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6/26/09 7:29 A


NIGHTSUN Posts: 211
6/26/09 7:28 A

We have an all-gray cat, his name is Spooky.

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6/26/09 6:49 A

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6/26/09 6:25 A



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6/26/09 2:27 A

Jennifer (Gray)
Earl (Gray)
Joel (Gray)
Fay (Gray)
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6/26/09 1:51 A

Sweet Earl Gray


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6/26/09 12:45 A


CST -Tennessee
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6/26/09 12:30 A


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6/26/09 12:29 A


What do you think?

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6/26/09 12:28 A

I would name it Smokey

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6/26/09 12:10 A

Thank you for the suggestion. My boyfriend and I thought of that but I'm not sure. But that is a good name. Thanks again.

6/26/09 12:03 A


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6/25/09 11:56 P

I just got 2 kittens that are both grey and are brother and sister. I thought of naming one of them Pepper but can't figure out a name for the other. Smokey is out for I had a cat by that name until he passed away of old age. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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