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1/15/13 11:21 P

Thanks for your help. I did go to UTube and watched some beginners videos. I'll check around and get a trainer to show me.

1/15/13 11:06 P

It is actually an excellent full body strength exercise programme. There are good programmes to teach you how to gain the most benefit from the workouts so I agree get someone knowledgeable to show you the "ropes" pun intended.

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1/15/13 9:28 P

I bought Woss Trainer 3000 series. I'm thinking I need to take a class. I don't know what I'm doing. I did get it together and tried a few of the beginners moves. I have never done strength training. I have been walking for about 15 years. I stretch good after I walk. That's about it. I thought this would be good core exercise.

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1/15/13 8:50 P

took a TRX class at the Y. Great workout.

1/15/13 8:31 P

These are just another version of what is trade marked as TRX. There are a variety of different sets of these on the market, I have 2 different versions from different vendors. The training is excellent and falls into the category of assisted bodyweight training such as are used in the Total Gym and Total Trainer equipment. The price is in range for the lower end products of this type. The direct answer to your question is yes they can provide an excellent assisted body work exercise programme.

I have no idea what if any certification Bob Harper has for this form of training. He and Jillian Michaells have attached their names to a variety of training programmes some of which they not only have no knowledge of or certification in but have been cited for their improper advice concerning the programmes. Case in point both have yoga and kettlebell DVDs out which have been roundly criticized by experts in those two areas.

I suggest you Google for YouTube videos on the use of TRX and similar programmes to get an idea of what is involved in this form of training.

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1/15/13 6:39 P

Looks like they're just resistance bands, to me. ;) I'd save your money, and get regular old resistance bands. Same thing, cheaper.

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1/15/13 4:22 P

Has anyone used these?

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