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7/16/13 9:02 A

I freeze mine, this way I have very little in a snack size bag, they do have sugar, so I just have a bit..

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7/12/13 7:10 A

thank you Becky - to the rescue yet again

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7/10/13 9:12 P

Maybe you shouldn't worry and just use the averages given in the food databases and enjoy the grapes! I know my tracker says 62 calories per cup for red globe grapes and 110 calories per cup for seedless grapes of all colors. Even packaged foods just have averages on them can can be off by quite a bit (even 20%?) by law. Tracking still helps, but it really is never exact.

If you want to know how many calories to figure per grape, just measure out a cup and count. I do this for a lot of packaged foods also when they give nutritional info per ounce or per cup but I want the figures per piece. Sometimes you can find per piece info online, but it takes less time to just count and do the math.

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7/10/13 6:32 P

Grapes are a perfect example of why weighing works better than volume measures for anything that comes in pieces. Think about all the different sizes of grapes you've seen. There are some that are like ping-pong balls, and some that are like peas. If you fill a cup with ping-pong balls, there's a lot more empty air around them than if you fill it with peas. The ping-pong ball grapes and their air might weigh 3 ounces at most, while the pea grapes and their air could add up to 6. That means the cup of small ones would have twice as many calories.

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7/10/13 5:33 P

This was so helpful because recently I was wondering the same thing!

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7/10/13 5:17 P

Thanks for the responses.

7/10/13 3:43 P

Usually an "average" of different varieties is used to determine the calories in grapes.
1 cup = 5 1/2 ounces= 105 calories.

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7/10/13 2:39 P

I edited my previous post to reflect that I was talking about the calorie and sugar content of an individual grape. :P

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7/10/13 2:37 P

Actually, it's going to depend on a HUGE number of factors. That's one reason I prefer weight measures; grams makes it a lot easier to KNOW, more accurately, what the contents are. A cup of something can vary depend on the type, size, how densely packed they are, etc.

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7/10/13 2:19 P

So we actually had this discussion in a wine tasting class but the sugar/calorie content of and individual grape can vary widely based on growing conditions and when it was picked. Wineries now have all sorts of technology to determine the peak sugar content of the grape (more sugar = more alcohol).

tl;dr: All foods vary widely in their calorie counts, what's on the label is an average. Just take a middle value and don't stress too much about it.

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7/10/13 1:10 P

I love grapes, but is there any consensus on the calories in a cup of grapes? Is there a difference in calories between the red and green grapes? It seems like the calories in 1 cup of grapes range from 60 something calories up towards 150 calories/cup.

I know that red grapes are supposed to be better for you than green grapes but I prefer the taste of the red grapes. The red grapes seem to be on the sweet side. I'll eat them if it's the only choice though.

Basically, I am curious about the calories/cup. I want to make sure that I'm tracking it appropriately.

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