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10/27/10 8:58 P

Yes granola has a lot of calories!!!! 1/2 c of granola 200 calories, 1 low fat yogurt 120 calories, 2 spoonfuls of honey 180-200 calories. Thats a whopping 520 calories. Read the labels and pay strict attention to the serving size and measure out each item until you know what a serving really looks like. One on my favorite snacks is yogurt with granola, but i have non fat yogurt with 1/4 of grapenuts for 190 calories. If you still love this breakfast dump the honey and look for a low calorie granola and a non fat yogurt. Serving size is important so buy a scale and weigh and measure everything. By the way a typical flatware spoon is 1-2 tablespoons.

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10/27/10 8:41 P

Since you're aware of your calorie limit, how are you doing when you're eating granola for breakfast? I would exceed it! But only you can say if this is an issue.

10/27/10 6:11 P

she told me granola is too much of everything, I am a very slow weight loser, so I have to eat only 1200 to 1500 cals each day and workout a lot to lose weight, she told me to use whole wheat ready to eat or high fiber cereals instead of the granola, I like granola better and I think it's more filling though.

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10/27/10 5:53 P

It's the oatmeal in the granola that's healthy. A lot of times, granola is loaded with other sugars. Since you're already getting sugar from the honey, you're just adding even more unnecessary sugar with the granola.

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10/27/10 5:47 P

I know it has more calories than I expected it to. The granola I have at home is 240 cal for 2/3 of a cup. That's 360 cal for 1 cup! So add in the calories of yogurt and honey,and maybe it's too much.

I think that if you find a granola that has lots of fiber and protein, and you limit yourself to half a cup or so, you'll be okay.

What reason did your nutritionist give?

10/27/10 5:36 P

I really enjoy having for breakfast a bowl of low fat plain yogurt with strawberries, two full-spoons of honey and granola (like half cup) but my nutritionist told me not to eat that! I don't get it I've read granola is healthy, but she told me that if I wanted to lose weight I shouldn't be eating granola yet, is granola fattening?

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