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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/28/12 7:53 A

it is difficult.
Some people have found that, until they can settle in a routine, they have to pack their meals for home as if they were going to work - that way, you can only eat what's packed, and not everything in sight.

Hope you can come up with solutions that work for you

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
8/27/12 9:53 P

Just stay busy, use the extra time to take a walk or exercise.... drink lots of water, keep tracking everything. You'll get in the swing of things soon.

ANDREAG89 SparkPoints: (27,515)
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8/27/12 4:24 P

The same thing happened to me! When I went part-time (right now I am) I ate everything in the house, even buying stuff no one would know about. :-(

I suggest you do the following:
Plan your eating and menu for the day
Tackle all those projects at home you have been wanting to do but haven't had time - it will take your mind off of food and allow you to burn some calories if you're moving! (clean out closets, do some gardening, clean the garage, etc., etc.)

And still track everything you eat even if it's not good for you! This will keep you focused. Best of luck!

BRITOMART Posts: 8,156
8/27/12 11:28 A

LMILTON, for me, routine helps a lot in staying on does being busy. If you are still building a good at-home routine, as its likely if you're still getting used to being part time, it's not surprising you encounter difficulties.

I'm an eat-to-distract-myself person at home, and that is FATAL in my experience. (I'm on leave this term, so I'm really wrestling with this issue!) I'm making very careful plans about when to eat, and staying out of the kitchen (except to make tea) otherwise. Busy is my best friend. When I'm working on a project, I don't even think of food.

Oh, and I'm also making a rule not to read or computer when I'm eating (I don't have a tv, so that's not an issue--but it would be if I had one).

If I pay FULL attention to my eating, I remember I've done it, and that makes me less likely to do it again before it's time.

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/27/12 9:22 A

Why is it that I do really good on my eating and tracking, but not so good when I am at home? My job has dropped to part time and I didn't have any hours last week. I tried to stay on track with my food intake, but didn't track anything, didn't even check in to track last week. Hopefully I get some hours this week, then I can stay on track! I've got to get the motivation back and stick to this as well as I was. I did fall off track this weekend. It was hubby's birthday yesterday, I fixed him what he wanted and had a piece of his German Chocolate birthday cake. Back on track today!

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