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3/26/13 5:23 P

Since it is not realistic to exoect the hosts to only make healthy stuff just because I am eating healthier, I take my own healthy offerings, volunteer to help plan the menu/grocery shop, etc. I also figure that it is a once in a while thing so I am ok with going over my calories for the day (my family is all over 3 hours away so it is an infrequent thing). I don't let worrying about the food take away from the enjoyment of the day. :-)

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3/26/13 5:01 P

When I can't avoid certain family functions I bring healthy foods so that I can eat it. I make sure I plan my day out beforehand, and eat accordingly.

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3/26/13 4:47 P

You guys are lucky. I have no one so I spend the holidays alone. The good thing is that I don't have to worry about the temptation of all those holiday foods. The down side is that I will be alone and will probably just eat a sandwich.

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3/26/13 4:31 P

Like MISSRUTH, I offer to bring things. Then, I bring something I know is healthy. Usually I end up bringing a dessert, which is perfect because desserts are my weakness. So making and bringing my own means it's something I can have! Then once there, I load up on whatever's healthy on the table (usually there's some kind of salad, and leanish meats), and avoid stuff like bread or other empty calories. Sometimes I do want to at least try some of the unhealthy stuff, so I just have a small amount, a few bites worth maybe. I also try not to go when I'm starving. I live an hour away from them, and we usually eat an hour or so after I get there, so I'll have a snack either before I leave or in the car on my way there. That way when the big meal time comes around, I'm not famished and wanting to eat everything in sight.

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3/26/13 4:30 P

Thank you for the fast reply. I love all of your ideas and am still trying to practice these when I go to family functions. Def. a learning experience.

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3/26/13 4:21 P

I try not to go already starving. It's harder for me to not overdo it, if I'm really hungry to begin with.

I bring/ offer to bring, things that I know I can eat a LOT of (raw veggies or a salad for example).

I try to keep "My Plate" in mind, with the proportions of lean meat, low-starch vegetables, and one serving of whole grains (or whatever they've got, that's as close as it gets to whole grain) and a dairy if anything's available. I'll take small spoonfuls of several different favorites, from the traditional dishes... not a heaping spoonful, more like maybe a couple bites. The first bite tastes the same as the last one.... so if I've got 2 bites, there's my first one and last one. I just skip all the bites in the middle.

Some people decide to just go over their calorie range for the day; I've always tried to stay on track. It's a personal decision. I might eat a little lower in my range for the days leading up to the holiday, "banking" some calories for a bit of cake or something special.

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3/26/13 3:58 P

Good afternoon fellow Sparkers. With the upcoming holiday this weekend I thought it would be a good topic/motivation to discuss what to do when going to someones house for a gathering and they know you are trying to be healthy but chose to still have the old favs on the table.

I'm talking the green bean casserole, chocolate cake with choc chips and choc frosting, you know the things that god forbid stayed away. My family is EXTREMELY close knit. We all live within a few minutes from each other, so we tend to see each other at least once a month. Before each of these visits I always have a pep-talk with myself about being strong, making good decisions etc. Ok so for this holiday I think I have a plan, I am making a fruit salad so I feel like I can have something that A. I really like and B. isn't a totally calorie bomb.

What do you do for family/work functions when you know good for you feed just isn't going to be set on the table?

Slowly but surely I WILL do this.
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