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5/5/13 11:20 A

That is what my main goal is cause I know that is the most important. I want to be healthy which is what started my journey, I have a 2yr old boy with LOADS of engery and being big and unhealthy I couldn't keep up. So I knew I had to change!
I am trying to do green Smoothies in the morning which my son loves too. What else would you suggest to start being healthy? What helped you?
I do need to get a tape measure cause I do notice inches gone and staying off
Thank you for the tips

**Today I started my day with a 30 min workout and green smoothie. Today is a good day to start fresh!**

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/5/13 5:59 A

My best advice first is to set your goal at becoming healthy, and adjusting your menu to include healthy options.

After that, adding in the exercising routine - something that is enjoyable to you.

I realize you're doing that, now, but adjusting the focus from 'primarily' weight loss to becoming healthier really helped me take the stress off, when the scale was not friendly.

If you're not obliged to report a weight on a regular basis, how about only stepping on the scale once monthly, or something similar? Use a measuring tape monthly as well. Don't put so much stress on yourself regarding numbers on whatever implement of torture you're using - but enjoy the learning process.

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5/5/13 4:51 A

Thank you much :-) I am glad it is getting nicer and I'm not as busy. It seems when I am able to walk on my lunch I want to eat better and work out at home too! But putting too much on my plate is my fault. I think I take on too much! I did feel guilty when I was so focused on food and workouts. I just need to have better balance I have signed up for a lot of 5Ks so I am hoping my last one in September I can run! :-) short term goal and no more weight gain back. Thank you again sometimes it helps knowing others are doing the same thing!

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5/4/13 11:31 A

That's so scary. The same thing happened to me last fall .... In fact I joined spark people in an effort to keep from gaining my whole 40 pounds back. I also tried seeing a nutritionist....and then when the pounds kept creeping on, joining a gym. There were lots of good reasons why I got off track, but what made me feel worse was that I just couldn't seem to get my eating under control. Finallly, put of desperation, I started listening to podcast from a 12 step program called overeaters anonymous (hard for me to do, because I am a happy atheist and didn't want to think about higher powers).....for some reason hearing stories of people who'd lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for decades stopped by binge...but I had gained all my weight back and I wanted it I finally decided to try going to a meeting. These very successful people have some very good ideas about how to not be food crazy. That meeting was march 29th. Since then 20 pounds have melted off and I've felt more like there was hope that I could be my right weight and stay there than ever. I was surprised at the peace it brought me.....also that they didn't push god or special diets or antsy thing else on me. If seems perfectly find with them if I view my higher power as nature and my prayers as stating intention as the Buddhist do in meditation. I still like spark people too.....I think it's ok to have both.

5/4/13 1:38 A

I totally know where your coming from. After completely falling off track it's difficult to get back on track and build that momentum again. I found that not being so tough on my self really helped because I stopped feeling like their was so much pressure on me to lose weight. When I stopped feeling bad and just did what I had to do it made getting back on track much easier. So be gentle with yourself, you're allowed to make mistakes.

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5/3/13 11:22 P

So Spark family.... I got off track! I lost 40 pounds and now I've gain back 5-10 :-( I am having a really hard time getting back. I don't want to gain it all back it scares me and annoys me that I can gain it back so fast any tips for getting my lazy butt up and to stop snacking. I think snacking is my biggest problem. I am working out 3-5 days a week. HELP!!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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