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Good vs Bad cereal

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Posts: 1,089
9/16/09 4:33 P

Good cereals either Shredded Wheat or Porridge(Oatmeal to my USA Friends) emoticon

Posts: 244
9/16/09 12:35 P

I like regular cheerios, fiber one, & Kashi but I really love special K. However I'm going to have to drop Special K as a regular. The chocolate and yogurt w/berries varieties have too much sugar. When I checked the label they have the same fiber content and more sugar than my kids' Cookie Crisp!

I guess I'll just save the Special K for a special treat/dessert food.

Posts: 1
9/16/09 10:11 A

my go-to is frosted mini wheats original size. Always filling.

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Posts: 693
9/16/09 9:35 A

I love the Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal. It definitely helps me get enough fiber intake for the day, and it's super filling!

I used to eat Special K Red Berries a lot but I find that a lot of cereals with fruits in them have excess sugar. So now I've switched to plain cereals and cut up my own fresh fruits on top :)

Posts: 1,179
9/15/09 6:03 P

kashi makes delicious cereal thats great for you. I have tried 4 of them so far and loved everyone.

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Posts: 358
9/15/09 5:26 P

Banana Nut Cheerios is my favorite. I also like Kellog's Special K Red Berries (my DD likes it but I have to pick out the strawberries) and Oatmeal with fresh blueberries. The rice krispies with strawberries is good too, but not sure on the nutritional value of it.

I do also eat plain cheerios, but if there is banana nut I'll eat those first.

Frosted Mini Wheats are good because they don't contain sodium, but I can only tolerate so much of it at a time.

Posts: 483
9/15/09 4:07 P

I love my plain Cheerios and the Fiber One cereals.

Posts: 616
9/15/09 1:38 P

I eat a ceral brand "Eating Right" that is a green label food sold by Safeway in our area. I prefer 2 flavors...Banana Nut Crunch or Granola Raisin. The problem is that even though these are good calorically the Banana Nut is higher in sodium which kills me in that catagory.

Posts: 800
9/15/09 11:46 A

I alternate between Kashi Go-Lean Crunch, Fibre 1 and Multigrain Cherios. All 3 keep me satisfied until lunch.


SparkPoints: (43,811)
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Posts: 864
9/14/09 10:39 P

I enjoy Fiber1 and the Kashi cereals(just not regular Kashi GoLean-tastes like rice puffs). I will have the 1 cup serving with 1 cup skim milk and don't feel hungry for a few hours. They are full of fiber, protein, and a serving size is bigger than the sugary cereals.I not big on AllBran cereals either,but I think Kelloggs new AllBran Strawberry Medley is SOOOO good!

SparkPoints: (211,403)
Fitness Minutes: (179,963)
Posts: 9,763
9/14/09 5:23 P

I enjoy Fibre 1 the original. It tastes good and provides me with 56 % of my
fibre allowance for the day.


Posts: 201
9/14/09 4:18 P

My favorite is cheerios or special K and special K red berries. I don't like sugar free anything, it usually has some other chemically enhanced sugar subsitute which can be worse for you than sugar. I also like shredded wheet ... never tried it with brown sugar though ... I might have to try that, it sounds yummy!

SparkPoints: (25,447)
Fitness Minutes: (17,917)
Posts: 1,354
9/14/09 3:10 P

Love cereal, nearly any type.

SparkPoints: (31,322)
Fitness Minutes: (25,744)
Posts: 814
9/14/09 1:46 P

Love Raisin Bran, oatmeal, Life, rice krispies with cut up banana

Oh, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But, I've 'kicked the habit'.

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Fitness Minutes: (3,443)
Posts: 466
9/14/09 8:54 A

I like Cheerios and oatmeal.

Posts: 11,141
9/14/09 8:28 A


SparkPoints: (123,961)
Fitness Minutes: (136,037)
Posts: 4,990
9/11/09 9:30 A

Cheerios is my choice.

SparkPoints: (194,572)
Fitness Minutes: (168,078)
Posts: 18,692
9/11/09 1:49 A

The good cereal or the ones low in sugar, made from whole grains.

Posts: 219
8/23/09 11:46 A

I think that fat free items are loaded with more carbs. I agree some of those fat free products are yuck! Sugar free usually uses a substitute which can be chemical in nature. I prefer splenda as a substitute over aspartame any day. I think as long as you watch your portions you will do okay. I also have to say that my all time favourite breakfast cereal is plain old cream of wheat! I put a little becel, brown sugar (not a refined sugar therefore better for you) and a sprinkle of raisins. Yum! It has a high fiber count and its filling.

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/22/09 11:15 A

Oh I LOVE the multi grain but I am still struggling on what is most important and what can be varied. I worry about the sugar since diabetes runs in my family, luckily I am not diagnosed yet. I tried watching sugar, calories and fiber since it is impossible to watch everything. I watch fats too but I think sugar free is better than fat free, not sure if I am right but sugar free still tastes good, fat free I usually don't like as well. Let me know if I'm thinking right emoticon

Posts: 219
8/21/09 10:12 P

Multigrain Cheerios has 3 grams of fibre per 1 cup serving. Regular Cheerios has 3 grams as well. You are righ though. Reg has 1g sugar, Multi has 6g! I like the different multigrains in it. Gives it a very wholesome hearty taste. Might have to rethink that one.

Edited by: DANCEROFEGYPT at: 8/21/2009 (22:16)

Posts: 313
8/21/09 8:45 P

Good - Cheerios (Plain)

Posts: 313
8/21/09 8:45 P

Good - Cheerios (Plain)

Posts: 265
8/21/09 8:42 P

Kashi GoLean and Special K (all kinds, but particularly the Vanilla Almond) are my cereal go-tos :)

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/21/09 2:47 P

I LOVE the multi-grain cheerios but when I check the nutrition label there was something I made me think the regular was better for me. Maybe it was the sugar but how is the fiber compared to the regular, do you know?

Posts: 219
8/21/09 12:52 P

I like Multi-Grain Cheerios and Shredded Wheat. I add one or two tsps of brown sugar(depending on how im feeling) to the Shredded Wheat and its yummy. I tried the All Bran and didnt like it too much either. I think bark and pine needles off the forest floor have the same texture and nutrition count LOL emoticon

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/21/09 12:08 P

I tried bran cereal years ago and couldn't even take a second bite. I think it was All Bran but maybe it is different now. What brands and types do you like?

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/21/09 12:06 P

The caramel squares sound real good and I guess I could do the flakes if I put fruit in them since I put strawberries in my cheerioes it might be good.

Posts: 824
8/21/09 9:42 A

I go for bran cereal.

Posts: 37
8/20/09 9:38 P

I've tried several varieties of the Fiber 1 cereals, and have found them all to be really good, with my favorites being the original (with honey clusters) and the caramel squares. Very good.

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/20/09 7:31 P

Are they good? Which have you tried?

SparkPoints: (24,223)
Fitness Minutes: (5,298)
Posts: 2,825
8/20/09 7:18 P

Golean Kashi

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/20/09 6:59 P

I really like the frosted "mimi wheats" type of cereal from Fiber One a half cup freally fills me up.

Posts: 24,908
8/20/09 2:12 A

I have only tried the original Fiber One.
I add almonds to a half cup of them.

SparkPoints: (6,938)
Fitness Minutes: (4,925)
Posts: 244
8/19/09 10:24 P

I wrote about the Cheerios and the glycemic index. On the list was Fiber One cereals and they were in the low index group. I hadn't tried them since I thought they only came in flakes or something like bran squares which I found to not taste too good to me. When I checked into the cereal I found "mini wheats" in the Fiber One cereal and they are GREAT!! emoticon

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