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Good vs Bad Carbs

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Posts: 9,670
6/16/13 6:03 A

Good question....i don't think it is bad for you to get a lot carbs from fruits/vegetables

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6/16/13 5:47 A

I think you should stay in the recommended range of each of your nutrients. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

Posts: 5,671
6/15/13 4:50 P

I do not think it would hurt but certain fruits and vegetables such as potatoes,corn and peas and bananas and oranges that are high in carbs and sugars should not be eaten in excess.

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Posts: 5,682
6/15/13 1:13 A

I love complex carbs like oats and sweet potato and yam! But like anything, moderation is the key and I can't have much becoz of the the potassium levels. Long story!

Posts: 11,336
6/14/13 8:40 P


Posts: 3,340
6/14/13 8:04 P

I don't call foods good or bad, but am always seeking balance in meals and menus.

Posts: 1,370
6/14/13 7:31 P

I think ANARIE hit the nail on the head. If you're going over your carb allowance every day, chances are good that you're not getting enough fat and protein. I have to work pretty hard to hit the *minimum* of my carb range, a lot of the time, but overall things work out in total. DRAGONCHILDE makes a good point regarding fruit, too, and I would say that the same thing probably applies to grain-based products.

"Grains are the choice that I love for carbs.
There are so many unusual ones and many of them are so good and good for you. I think of bad carbs in terms of sugerery desserts and the like?"

That really depends on who you ask, as well as your own metabolism. There is a growing number of people who consider grains unhealthy. I don't personally agree with that, but I agree that, like most foods, grains are healthiest when they are less refined. It's important (for me) to get as many carbs as possible from fresh fruit and vegetables *before* turning to grains. My husband is diabetic and he and I both still eat grain almost every day: whole wheat, brown rice, corn, barley, bulgur, quinoa, oatmeal etc.

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6/14/13 7:22 P

This article may help you understand the deal with carbs, and why they aren't the enemy. What matters is indeed your choice of carbs. If you're getting most of your carbs from vegetables, it's nearly impossible to overeat; however, too many fruit can be a problem because of the sugar if you're sensitive to it. Fruit tends to be higher in calories than vegetables, too, so it's important to track accurately.!

The truth about carbs

Posts: 881
6/14/13 6:56 P

Grains are the choice that I love for carbs.
There are so many unusual ones and many of them are so good and good for you. I think of bad carbs in terms of sugerery desserts and the like?

SparkPoints: (46,398)
Fitness Minutes: (42,464)
Posts: 1,136
6/14/13 2:39 P

Great answer! I would like to add that as far as weight loss goes, the source of the calories doesn't matter much (that's how someone lost weight eating nothing but twinkies). However, in terms of health, mood, and motivation, the source of the calories matters a lot! I really don't think you could eat enough fruits and veggies to hurt you as long as you were meeting all your other macronutrient goals.

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Posts: 502
6/14/13 1:57 P


Posts: 12,387
6/14/13 1:47 P

It's not a question of the raw number of carbs. The issue is whether you get so many of your calories from carbs that you don't get enough protein and fats. If you look at the Spark guidelines, there's lots of flexibility, but you can't go very far over your upper carb limit without going under your bottom protein or fat limit.

It's all about the math, really.

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Posts: 7
6/14/13 1:30 P

Hey all!

So here is a Q:

IS it actually bad if a person eats more carbs than the required daily value, even if most of the carbs eaten come from vegetables and fruits?


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