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1/7/13 4:34 P

Pure Protein brand from Walmart in chocolate is my favorite as far as taste. The EAS Lean 15 chocolate is ok too.....not great though. My favorite over all for taste AND nutrition is the GNC Total Lean Rich Chocolate.

MATREXX Posts: 579
1/7/13 3:42 P

Since I'm allergic to dairy I don't do whey or cassein powder. I really like the Vega line of products - I use the Performance Protein chocolate after a workout (26g of protein in a scoop). They also have an "energizing smoothie" 11g of protein) that I"ll use as a quick snack or of general breakfast smoothie if I'm not doing a workout. Both are super yummy and lovely to "sip".

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1/7/13 3:31 P

MRM All-Natural Whey Protein. Tastes as close to a real chocolate shake as any of the others I've tried. The problem is, you can't find it in stores. I get mine from MRM is one of the few companies that doesn't put extra crap in their products that's not listed on the lable.

TNSFAN Posts: 41
1/7/13 1:29 P

Thanks again everyone. I like to "sip" my protein shakes on the way to work,but can only do this if it tastes good :) I've tried other protein powders that are so awful you practically have to pinch your nose to get them down.
I've seen the "pure protein" brand everywhere so may also give that a try. One person asked if they are discontinuing all of the Jillian Michaels. Yes, technically. I learned that she is taking her name off of the powder, but they "may" sell a generic of similar ingredients. I stocked up on what was left at Wal-Mart and after that have to find a new brand.

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1/7/13 10:55 A

I haven't tried their chocolate flavor, but I love the Pure Protein vanilla.

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1/7/13 10:50 A

Oh no! Are they discontinuing ALL Jillian Michael's or just the chocolate? I use the vanilla and I really like that kind! I have tried a few others and couldn't stand the taste or grit.

1/7/13 7:58 A

I use Beverly International UMP which is 80:20 casein to whey ratio. I like it for a snack and before bed. It is sooo good and sooo satisfying. You can also mix it with warm water and eat it like pudding, and I like to dip some strawberries in it.

For pure whey, I use Jay Robb, but that's a 30 second down the hatch experience post workout so I barely taste it. It's ok.

The Beverly is really good. Tastes like a treat I get to eat everyday.

TNSFAN Posts: 41
1/6/13 8:54 P

Thanks so much for giving me a few brands to try. There are sooo many different brands and I was not looking forward to having to find a new powder without a recommendation. Thanks again!!

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1/4/13 4:42 P

I have the EAS Chocolate Whey protein - great in smoothies with 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, and 1 cup frozen berries

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1/3/13 11:21 P

Wal*Mart has several brands. I have gotten 6 star and it was good.

TNSFAN Posts: 41
1/3/13 5:14 P

I have been using the Jillian Michaels chocolate whey protein powder. It has a great taste and consistency, but is being discontinued. Such a bummer when you find something you really like!
I would greatly appreciate suggestions on other brands of chocolate protein powders I can switch to.
Thanks so much!!

"Spandex, I want all Spandex"!!

Eddie Murphy from the movie "The Klumps"
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