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7/31/13 10:59 A

Online Now  • ))
Here is a link to the no more smoking team. Good luck!

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7/31/13 10:03 A

Best wishes to u.

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7/31/13 8:23 A

Never posted here before, but been on SP for a few years

Hitting a really big struggle point in my weight loss, since its actually been a major (imo) weight gain for the last 91 days.

If there are other people that have quit smoking in the past, and gained weight because your metabolism took a nose dive, I would love to hear your motivating story of how long it took your body to re-adjust.

Since I quit smoking 91 days ago, (May 1) I have gained a solid 18lbs, multiple inches and can no longer fit those clothes I wore. I struggled the first two weeks with my diet and ate aprx. 1 dark chocolate bar a day for about a week. I understood the reasons why - my body was no longer getting the artificial sugar rush of smoking, so actually was craving it. I continued to work out 3-6 times/week. (have been doing it BfL style for 15 months!) I take measurements weekly for the last 15 months, so I know these are not muscle gains sadly...

I also understand that smoking artificially increases metabolism by aprx. 6%. I could tell that mine had gone lower than at any other time in my life by some things my body was/is doing.

For the month of July, have upped the workouts to aprx. 9/week ( 6x 30 minute cardio) and 3 weight training sessions. Have generally been consuming 1200 - 2000 cals/day with occasional accidents. (not things like chips, but would be dried peas... which is a story for a different day) (also, one week in July did not work out due to a RL event)

Long story short, my weight is consistently going up, not down. I feel like I am doing many correct things and love the financial savings from not smoking, in addition to the other benefits! I just need some information on others' experiences on how long I can expect my body to betray me.

Many thanks for reading!


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