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Oh yeah. I eat overnight oatmeal nearly every day. Love it. I've created quite a few recipes.

Some of my favourite are;

Berry Chocolate Cheesecake- with ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and then you freeze some raspberries and mash a small bit of banana with unsweetened cocoa powder into them. Layer the overnight oats with the raspberry, banana, cocoa powder and add a few walnuts or chocolate chips to each layer.

Key Lime or lemon- zested lime or lemon and juice, sweetener (honey or maple syrup) and coconut flakes on top

Mocha/vanilla Berry- Make two separate containers of ONO one with vanilla extract and mashed banana, one with unsweetened cocoa powder, coffee powder and sweetener. Divide each with the raspberry/banana/cocoa powder mash. Add nuts or chocolate chips to each layer.

Peppermint Chocolate chip- peppermint extract and sweetener and chocolate chips

Peaches and cream- Vanilla extract, peaches and cinnamon (and nutmeg), ground flaxseed. For cheesy peach ONO, use cottage cheese.

Cheesy and protein-packed banana and chocolate- Ricotta cheese, chocolate whey protein powder (about 2 tablespoons) and sliced banana on top.

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9/18/13 5:15 A

I've not done it with yogurt but I've done it with applesauce. It's pretty dense so it's referred to as a breakfast cookie. Topped it with ricotta, fruit and a little honey.

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9/17/13 10:51 P

And/or nuts ...

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9/17/13 10:50 P

Oh yeah ... good stuff ... I also throw in some fresh fruit ...

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9/17/13 9:00 P

Take 1 cup of greek yogurt and mix in 1 packet of oatmeal well. Let the oatmeal absorb some of the liquid and enjoy. If you wanna be creative, you can mix in flax seeds, grape nuts, or ground nuts. Has anyone else tried this? It is pretty filling.

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