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11/2/13 10:28 A

Here are two free beginning Ashtanga yoga practices on YouTube:

30 minutes:

60 minutes:

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11/1/13 1:56 P

Also, the student fitness center on campus might have yoga classes during the times you want.

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11/1/13 6:29 A

Hi there!

So happy whenever I hear that someone is trying yoga, it's SO good for us on so many levels!
I just managed to get myself back to exercising again, and because I've gained a bit of weight lately I searched for a yoga program that was specifically created for weight loss. I'm really happy with it, it's deceptively simple, but the lady who designed it is a yoga teacher and has a degree in exercise science, so all the poses and stretches are optimal to get good results efficiently. You can find it at, it's downloadable and comes with a lot of additional information, not just the video.
Best of luck with your journey!!

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10/27/13 7:52 P

Hi Kyrien-

I'm a yoga addict, so I'm happy to hear you'd like to start practicing. It has changed my life! One of my friends recently recommended YogaGlo as a backup when I can't get to the studio to practice. There is a small fee, but you can do a two-week trial to see if the classes suit your needs before signing up for the paid site. From what I understand, you can search the classes online for your practice preference (i.e., beginner, challenging, etc.). Enjoy!


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10/27/13 1:42 P


Check out YOUTUBE. If you search on yoga or whatever form of yoga you do, you'll find hundreds of different yoga workouts posted. You could do a short meditation for 5-10 minutes or a whole class for 50-60mins. I've seen segments on just pranayana breathing techniques or power yoga poses.

If you have some prior experience with yoga and know the basics, you might want to check out some yoga DVDs too. Before you buy, go to the libray and check them out first. why buy when you can borrow ? your local library is not only a great resource for books, you can find DVDs and CDs too.

I've been looking for a yoga class myself. Most tend to be either early in the morning before work or in the evening after work. occasionally, you might find a lunch time class. You rarely find classes during the week at 2 to 4pm because most people are working. It's not a popular time. So, if you want to do something on your own, look at some of the workouts posted on youtube. there really is a huge selection.



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10/27/13 10:11 A

Like many other people here, I'm trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. So far, it's been working quite well and I definitely think the nutrition tracker broke me out of my plateau and I've lost 13/20 pounds!

I've read that yoga is a great form of exercise. I always found it to be very relaxing and reduces my stress levels to little to none, and it really helps me focus. Unfortunately, being a student and having other things to do in between (along with switching cars constantly between parents and having a rambunctious puppy at home) leaves me unable to attend the usual 8 PM classes when yoga is usually run (I prefer to go in the mornings or after school, 2 PM or so, until around 4 PM). So are there any yoga practices that you enjoy that I can do in the late afternoon/evening as well as some meditation practices? I'd love to not feel stressed all the time and I feel like it would really help with my focus (habitual procrastinator!).


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