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Posts: 33
2/18/13 10:37 A

Maybe try a rolling briefcase or carry-on sized bag? Some of the people in my office have to carry so much that they just use big rolling suitcases!

Posts: 1,246
2/18/13 12:33 A

I am teaching college and need my books as I move from class to class. The worst culprit seems to be my large planning binder, but I always need something from it.

Posts: 33,498
2/16/13 2:36 P

Re the backpack can you explain more why you need so many books? Is there no locker system you can take advantage of?

You are already doing about the best you can to carry a heavy load. A barrel bag that you hold in one hand on one side would of course be disastrous. Hanging a bag over one shoulder is also bad. Spreading the load over both, right up on the torso, is the most effective and safe way to carry it.

If you can't avoid carrying it at all, make sure you don't carry it far. The minimum distance possible, and if that's more than a few minutes walk between points, stop on the way, put it down, and rest for 1 minute.

Posts: 261
2/16/13 11:05 A

Great reminder! I'm working on good posture myself right now, I notice I slouch a lot when sitting.

Posts: 1,246
2/16/13 10:34 A

I am definitely grateful to my grandmother and PE teachers who made me aware of good posture. I have always felt that I could carry myself well and I know that it makes me look better. One hint is to imagine that you are like a puppet hanging from a string attached to the top of your head. Also keep your shoulders rolled back and down. Stand with your knees relaxed and the top of your pelvis rolled up and back. (I tend to have a sway back when I stand naturally. The most important part is keeping the knees relaxed and not locked.)

Although good posture may seem uncomfortable when you are first getting the habit, as your body strengthens and gets used to it, you will feel much better when you are standing well!

One of my challenges with posture right now is dealing with carrying a heavy backpack full of books! I'm trying to carry it across both shoulders. I wish I could lighten it, but I need what is in it! I'm worried about the effects this will begin to have on my spine! Especially since I'm over 50. Any advice?

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