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9/30/10 1:18 P

Thanks to both of the last two posters - again very helpful. And yes, the list in the last link is great.

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9/30/10 12:50 P

THis isn't a list, but it is a helpful rule of thumb. If it is in its natural state, a whole fruit, a vegetable, and did not need to be cooked for you to eat it, then it is a good carb. Anything that requires cooking to eat is a bad carb :)

I am not saying you can't cook the good carbs, just that if they are not healthy for you unless they are cooke dthey are bad.

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9/30/10 11:04 A

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9/30/10 9:00 A

Thanks - the info is helpful, and yes it is the Glycemic index I am interested in. Though neither provide the simple list I am looking for, both sites will be extremely helpful and I will be using them both.

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9/30/10 8:41 A

Hi Brian and Welcome!

(I ate turnip greens last night, so that is why the link is there but you can look up anything) has a bunch of information on each food you would want and pictures that indicate how good they are visually.

I'm thinking that you are interested in glycemic index. Here is a link to a sparkpeople article:
and you can do a google search for bigger list. A glycemic index number is also listed at NutritionData for each food you look up.

Best of luck on achieving your goals, and remember to reward yourself with non-food rewards for your achievements, as well as for sticking to your plans!

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9/30/10 8:15 A

I am looking for a list of good carbs and bad carbs. I have searched the internet and believe it or not I cannot find a list. many items come up and say they are a list, but explain the difference between good and bad carbs or list categories. But all I want is a simple alphabetical list of foods. i.e. a list of foods that are good carbs and a list of foods that are bad carbs. Looking for something I can print out and have handy. Anyone know where I can find or does anyone have this?

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