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9/2/11 2:52 P


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8/23/11 10:09 A

The hotel room was a great idea. ANY guy would like that.

Sunday Ticket is $50 a month (6 months) if he goes to the bar to watch football. Keeping him at home might make sure he eats healthier instead of bar food and it's cheaper than going to the bar every week.

A day all about him. Make a tee time for him and his buddies (if he likes to golf). Drop them off and offer to pick them up so they can drink while golfing and worry about driving home. Make it at a very nice course that he wouldn't normally play. Have a grill out for him after the golf with his buddies and their significant others. But don't let him "drink too much" because after they all leave the REAL present would complete the night. See lap dance posts... :)

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8/23/11 5:02 A

Start with a lap dance and gp frp, there.

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8/22/11 9:41 P

yeah Tom, I bet he'll be wishing every day was his birthday. I like that idea. I like it alot!!! Now I know what to do for my old man on his birthday!!LOL!!

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8/22/11 7:13 P

This thread is "guy's lounge" at its best. She asked, she got the right answer!

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8/22/11 6:45 P

Wow you guys just took that ball and ran with it.

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8/12/11 12:14 A

Don't forget the wine, strawberries, chocolate syrup, toys, lubes, LOL

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8/11/11 8:47 A

To add to TL:

If you bring whipped cream he can have dinner and romance both. LOL

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8/10/11 4:31 P

Get a nice hotel room for a night, put on your skimpiest negligee, then start with the lapdance. Slowly undress him, make him lay on the bed and give him a sensual massage, back and then front. While he's on his back, don't let him move, and give him the best sex he ever had. Give him a little time to recover and start over if he can handle it. Now THAT'S a birthday present!
emoticon emoticon

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8/9/11 6:31 P

lap dance

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8/9/11 6:03 P

drat. lol just got feedback from one of his friends. He suggested that I let him make a purchase like this himself. He said it's tricky, it'd be totally practical if he REALLY is getting into working out, but it also might make him just feel old and out of shape.

bleh, back to the drawing board.

8/9/11 6:02 P

A year's subscription of "Muscle & Fitness"

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8/9/11 5:53 P

I'd love to get him a bodybugg, but thats outside of my budget. :(
I think he would use one. He seemed excited about the first one he bout, and was actually mad that it didn't work. but it was a VERY cheap one that had huge claims. I know the one I'd get him would work because of the chest strap.

8/9/11 5:49 P

If that's something you know he wants, then go for it. Guys like technology. You might also look into something like "The Body Bug" which tracks calories and monitors you throughout the day and then you can download the info to a computer. If he's into technology, he might think it's cool.

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8/9/11 5:06 P

Hey guys, wasn't really sure where to post this, so I thought the guys lounge would maybe be appropriate.

My BF's Birthday is coming up & I'm thinking over what I can get him. He's one of those guys that has alot of 'stuff' lol so he's kinda hard to shop for, plus I don't want to get him something thats just going to be thrown to the side & never used.

I was thinking about getting him a heart rate monitor. He's done p90x with me a bit before, he even bought a super cheapo heart rate monitor - which did not work. He seems to be trying to get back on track with fitness lately - walking more with his dog & he quit smoking a little over a week ago. He's a big guy, i'm worried the chest band will not fit, but I sew, so I can possibly adjust it.

So would a heart rate monitor be an ok BF/'guy' gift? I think maybe it'll encourage him during his workouts - I know it does with me!

Thanks in advance!

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