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5/25/13 12:22 P

Thanks, seems everything I've found is that physically fasted working out is neither good nor bad, just personal preference. Felt fine twice now so I'll see how it keeps going.

And yeah, back on the cutting amounts my ratio is pretty close to that. I think it's like 40/25/35 for me since I feel better on that. Trying to stick there but with all the social stuff its a little tough. Haven't been doing to bad, even with the obligatory beers everywhere.

5/25/13 11:24 A

Considering the physiology of digestion (you run today on what you ate yesterday) nothing you consume immediately which requires digestion will aid you in your workouts. That is the physiology but if you consider the psychology there are those who have a mental need to consume something before a workout.

Remember to balance your macro nutrients, you need carbohydrates, proteins and fats in every meal or snack which a common recommended ratio being 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% good fats.

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5/24/13 2:57 P

I don't think getting your protein before or after your workout will make any difference in your gains, objectively speaking. There are people who build muscle while doing intermittent fasting and working out while fasting, which means they have to wait several hours before they eat for the first time that day. They still build muscle, intermittent fasting is for controlling the fat gain. But there is the psychology of routines, so if you feel especially fulfilled one way or the other, just go for it.

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5/23/13 8:11 P

Don't forget to warm up. That's my biggedt hurdle in the AM. I am too tight when I first get up. Hope it works well for you!

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5/23/13 8:09 P

I always drink my whey protein shake while I am lifting. That seems to help me a lot. seeing improvement in my lifting by doing that......

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5/23/13 6:48 P

For me, I do so much better with my AM workouts if I precede them with some complex carbs - ie: a banana, or a little oatmeal, or a small fruit smoothie. Note that I keep the portion SMALL since I don't want to deal with cramps during my workout, either. The carbs provide my body with a quick fuel source to draw from when needed, and really it's only necessary if I'm really planning to push myself with hard exertion or am going to be doing something for a sustained period of time (like my workout is going to be over an hour long.)

I'm not sure I'd ever start off a workout with coffee, but I hear varying pros and cons to drinking coffee before workouts. Just know that while it's a stimulant, it's also a diuretic.

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5/23/13 6:32 P

I don't think it's going to make a big difference performance-wise in the long run. I would just see how you feel. If you're low on energy during your workout, then try eating something before. But if you feel okay and your program seems to be progressing as you'd expect, then you could probably keep your current routine.

Coach Jen

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5/23/13 2:23 P

So the title says it. Never lifted that early before and wondering if the way I'll try eating is ideal. I just started a new job for the summer and although I haven't had time to find a bjj gym yet, I'm hoping that hitting the weight room in the morning will let me have a little free time/be social on weekdays while still rolling.

Note that I'm 5'8" and currently 160 after eating like an absolute idiot last 3 weeks with finals and vacation. Trying to get back to the low 150s.

This is what I'll try starting with
5:30- wake up, big glass of water and cup of coffee
6:00- lift
7:00- showers and whey with water afterword

8:30- Breakfast, either a homemade parfait with 1 cup plain greek yogurt, fruit, and 1/4 cup dry oats or 2-3 eggs with the oats tossed in the microwave. Those are just the healthiest things I think I can make the night before and bring to work in the morning

12:00- lunch, generally been 8oz chicken with veggies and olive oil with either beans, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta

Then I've got some healthy snacks in my office in case I get hungry in the afternoon and I've got the cals a little low so I can either have a bigger dinner or more freedom with going out to eat since we're all new co-ops meeting each other.

I guess biggest question I have is should I have maybe the whey or my breakfast meal before lifting? I did fine this morning on just the coffee, but not sure how it'll be once the days start adding up. Or if there's a significant muscle building/maintaining part with having some protein and/or carbs in me while actually lifting rather than just pwo. Like I said, I felt great this morning in the gym, but wondering if better gains with carbs and protein before instead of just for recovery.

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