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Gone with the Wind

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11/19/11 6:13 P

ty for the posts, i love this movie ! emoticon

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10/27/11 3:18 P

The reason Scarlett wanted Ashley is because Ashley was in love with Melanie. In short, Scarlett wanted something she couldn't have. Ashley was never interested in her even though she threw herself at him. Ashley was always in love with Melanie. Scarlett only realized this when Melanie died and Ashely was devastated. That's when she knew she'd never have him.

That's another reason Rhett pursued Scarlett. It's because he knew she was in love with Ashley, BUT he thought he could make her love him. That was his arrogance.

Gotta tell ya, they could have used a good therapist ! LOL !!!

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10/27/11 2:44 P

Scarlet was a strong woman, poor mother, and a bad wife. She loved her mother and father and especailly Ashley but that was it. Mamie cared for her, Rhett loved her, Melanie only saw the good in Scarlet and took up for her. Ashely was fond of her but he loved Melanie. She threw away happiness. emoticon

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10/27/11 10:49 A

I think Gone with the Wind is one of the best movies of all time

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10/27/11 10:47 A

Ashley just was not the strong silent type that Scarlett needed. Thanks for the reminder, my mom recently gave me a very old cy of the book, and here I am in need of something to read this weekend!

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10/27/11 10:22 A

I think Ashley didn't marry her because he know she was too much woman for him to handle and he would have an easier life with Melanie

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10/27/11 10:19 A

Never actually saw the movie but read the book about 20 years ago... I would think that you can see the character development and motivations better in the book than you can in the movie. It's really long, but well worth the read.

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10/27/11 9:49 A

love it.

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10/27/11 9:20 A

@DMJAKES, well said. This girl did not live in reality.

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10/27/11 9:05 A

48 years old and I've still not seen this movie! Not sure why- guess I just haven't taken the time to do it. I probably should huh?

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10/27/11 8:37 A

Posts: 1,573
10/27/11 8:21 A

Scarlett spent her life wanting things she could not have, and then not appreciating what she did have. I always felt that was the point of the whole movie, with a civil war backdrop.

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10/27/11 8:11 A

Women in love often cannot see the obvious....

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10/27/11 8:02 A

I love this movie, but I do not understand why Scarlett can't see Ashley is weak, and she is better off with Rhett. I think Ashley knew this, this is why he did not marry her, do you agree? emoticon

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