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7/5/13 4:00 P

Thanks for sticking up for us Anarie :) I definitely feel I fall into the atypical college diet lifestyle, but I needed to switch to drop a lot of fat. These guys are all the same size they've been, and even in decent shape, but it seems to me they stay this way by not eating hardly at all during the day (which I can't do) and then every other evening it seems like a big pizza night or something since it's cheap and they don't cook ever. If you looked at it by a weekly calorie differential it probably comes out about even, but I'm just used to running on proper nutrition and feeling great. I haven't felt this sluggish since my first couple years of college. Back then, I thought the tiredness was related to lack of sleep. Now I realize it was just cuz I wasn't fueling my body properly. I could never go back to this way, no matter how cheap. I just have to save my money elsewhere unfortunately.

Todays been a bit better. I snagged a slice of toast with some PB was all for breakfast. Then went and worked out and had some protein and milk. Then finally found some people to go to this awesome diner to for brunch (3pm) and nothing warm sounded good so a nice chicken salad. With a 3 o'clock meal I'm just afraid the next time any food to be had will be the beers tonight lol. If it is anything, it'll be some simple carby snack, no protein of course.

I feel like apologizing to my muscles tho. I was on an awesome coffee rush in the gym and worked it hard. And now they won't get near what they want to recover quickly. Aw well, still having fun seeing people just wasn't really expecting this. I'm trying to relax a but about how I'm eating and just go with the flow so this is just another test and experience.

HEAT04 Posts: 116
7/5/13 3:47 P

Are you able to stop before you go camping to pick up some food? Are you able to financially contribute to maybe more healthier snacks while you visit? I'm unsure of your situation, but maybe one of them could take you to the store when they are back from work? Just a thought. If not, the gas station may be your best option.

That would be hard, especially when you are used to eating at certain times.

I remember the crap I ate in college - and I mostly chose that from the dining halls! I also worked at a grocery store so I could at least pick up additional food while I was there. Bad food habits, but good times nontheless! Good luck

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/5/13 2:19 P

Pink4, they're kids. By definition, they ARE growing up, and that means making mistakes along the way. College kids have it hard these days; the ones I know all work about 5 times harder than I ever did, and I had it tougher than average in my day. They're not living on ramen because they want to; they're doing it because they don't have money for the pizza that the rest of us lived on at their age.

Sorry if it's a bit of a rant, but I just get really sick of all the criticism you hear of "kids today." This generation is working its a** off, and then they get called "entitled" because they think if you work 60 hours a week you should be able to afford cottage cheese and a once-a-year doctor visit.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
7/5/13 2:05 P

Your friends need to grow up and realize they are killing themselves with this routine!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/5/13 12:29 P

Great practice for the real world. Sadly, your friends eat this way daily. Hopefully, with some fruit, trail mix, cottage cheese etc., you can make it through the weekend. Next time bring snacks.

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7/5/13 12:12 P

Yeah take that run to the gas station. Hopefully it isn't a small one, but they'll have trail mix and Odwalla drinks and power bars at least. Get Super Green Odwalla, if there is some, it will help you balance out after eating blah.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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7/5/13 12:00 P

So I'm out of town for the weekend visiting some college friends. Normally the problem with this stuff is overeating at restaurants and even fast food. But these guys are like flat broke and don't seem to eat anything... I don't have a vehicle with me to go get food and of course don't have any in the house. Like yesterday consisted of skipping breakfast, lunch at a 3pm, and then I needed some food before we went out for the evening, and my dinner was a bowl of oatmeal with some protein powder thrown in.

Craziest thing is I'm not hungry at all, I can just feel my energy levels dropping way low at times. I mean, I guess this under eating wil lbe good to make up for my massive overeating last weekend, but it kinda sucks. Plus, I'm bored right now as they still had to work/be gone for the day. Camping tonight and it'll be ramen and hotdogs at best. Just weird eating habits and it's throwing me. I may just run (3 miles, literally) to a gas station and see if I can get some cottage cheese and fruit or something so that I can have a little protein at least. Backpack will be a pain coming back bouncing around

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