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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,284
6/25/13 3:54 P

I haven't met my goal yet and had a minor setback. The only time it is a true failure is if I give up completely.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,287
6/25/13 1:33 P

I've done a lifetime of yoyo dieting...including being incredibly active...but I used the quick fix mindset and learned nothing. For a long while I deceived myself into thinking just enjoy life and stop worrying about size...but that attitude led me to my highest weight. Then I joined Spark and started tracking what I ate and I focused on health, learning to eat right, and the value of support. I still haven't met my goal...but I've been going in the right direction even when I backtracked a little.

Health is more than just a's an attitude.

LOTSACATS SparkPoints: (43,326)
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Posts: 905
6/25/13 1:22 P

I've been a member of Sparkpeople since 2007 so yeah, just keep at it. I've thankfully not gotten myself back up to my highest weight, and having my Spark account makes it that much easier to get back into the swing of things when I do revert to my old ways.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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6/25/13 10:43 A

You might slip-up, as many of us do on occasion, but just don't give up.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
6/25/13 1:55 A

I was quite tight once, but then I started suffering for early osteoporosis because of my condition (long story), and stopped exercising for a while. I lost my toned look but now I've started exercising again. Even though I still have aches and pains in my bones bcoz I have no choice! I refuse to get fat again!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,245
6/23/13 8:05 A

Honestly, once. Because before I lost my 80 pounds, I never bothered to try. Of course now, I am back up 40 pounds and I can't drop it to save my life.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,939)
Fitness Minutes: (86,268)
Posts: 2,489
6/23/13 6:57 A

I never quit. But I have been through the process of weight loss twice because I've had two pregnancies and lost weight after each. I never gave up as in, threw in the towel of frustration. Once I get my mind set to do something, I don't easily give up. Just push even harder through the rough patches.

As much as it sounds like a positive thing, it isn't always. I often find myself beating a dead horse and when I have a goal in mind I am quite willing to sacrifice myself and own well-being past the point of that goal being worth it.

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KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
Fitness Minutes: (1,207)
Posts: 1,172
6/23/13 12:02 A

Well let's see. I did Weight Watchers and lost, then life happened and I had to do it again a couple years later. Got married and gained a lot of weight so went back but really struggled.
Tried some different things. Got divorced and was very motivated plus had no eating partner so lost it all and looked great - and kept it off for a long time.
Forward a few years and my new partner (now hubby) and I ate out a lot plus I had some old injuries that didn't help the exercising. Now it's a bad knee that limits me from doing what I enjoy most and can do most diligently. Lost weight and yo-yoed - got some other health issues in to the mix and had doctors involved with trying to get my thyroid and insomnia resolved. Finally lost some weight again - not much but about 15% of what I wanted to achieve. Slid backwards this past winter because I just got tired of saying no to food I adore - like French fries. Don't know why but I started craving them.

For me this is about I have no choice - I can't quit. Just keep going, and going, and going. A recent round of blood work and visit with the doctor has me back on track for my health. Am past losing to look good - I don't want to be sick or die early so this time, I am finding new workouts and back to more salads. By the way no alcohol or fries for me all summer.

Am experimenting with calorie restrictive eating. I already eat really healthy stuff 90% of the time but portions have been my downfall so I'm going to see if this will help. I have cut back some too and I guess to answer your question I'm still working on this and hope it will be the last time but I've a long way to go, and it isn't easy - much tougher as one gets older and loses muscle tone at a faster rate.

I'm doing yoga, a little cardio, weight lifting, stretching and learning hula hoop. Hope to be swimming 2 - 3 x a week soon also. Miss the dancing and speed walking - exercise bike and elliptical trainer just aren't the same. Tai chi for seniors anyone?


UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/22/13 11:13 P


AGITATOR1 SparkPoints: (3,885)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 497
6/22/13 10:10 P

Just once . Right here I challenged myself to lose the weight. My doctor told me I was obese;. I weighed in at 208 pounds I should weigh 180 he told me. So I challenged myself at Sparkpeople. I increased my miles on the treadmill 2 miles to 5, 4-6 days a week, added a few reps in the gym. I waited 6 weeks before I got on a scale, I lost 12 pounds. Four months later when I stepped on the scale at the doctors office I weighed in at 171

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (532,719)
Fitness Minutes: (219,111)
Posts: 28,897
6/22/13 10:07 P

Too many to count!

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
6/22/13 9:43 P

FAR too many times - and through countless Spark identities - to count! Finally got there a couple years ago.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (241,175)
Fitness Minutes: (41,039)
Posts: 26,441
6/22/13 9:27 P

COFFEEQUEEEN - no you aren't an oddity!

Because I had always eaten really healthy food and in a normal weight-loss range I never 'tried' to lose weight - instead I continued to gain. I had been on SP for a year when I finally went to a Dietitian. When she figured the problem by looking at my various print-outs from SP (and she figured it in less than 5 minutes flat) the weight started to come off - no stopping and starting for me. I steadily went down and reached my goal, pushing 3 years ago :-)

It boils down to consistency and telling yourself that you CAN do it!


AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
6/22/13 9:25 P

I have never given up. I'm still not at my goal weight, and it has taken me several years to lose what I have, but I do not quit. I've slipped a bit here and there, but never quit.

I've now lost all of the weight (80 pounds) that I gained due to an accute health problem. I'm now at the lowest weight that I've been at in my adult life. I still have a ways to go. It may take me forever, but I will get there eventually.

COFFEEQUEEEN SparkPoints: (17,057)
Fitness Minutes: (26,884)
Posts: 403
6/22/13 9:10 P

Maybe I'm the oddity, but this is the one and only time I've been serious and done anything about my health. Still not at "final goal weight" but I've made more progress than I've ever dreamed possible. I'll never go back to my old ways, I've worked my booty off (literally) for this body!!!

CHOCOLATELEA SparkPoints: (4,692)
Fitness Minutes: (1,418)
Posts: 166
6/22/13 8:30 P

Lots. And I still haven't met it.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (269,527)
Fitness Minutes: (163,644)
Posts: 2,119
6/17/13 5:01 P

I met my initial goal but have yet to lose that last ten pounds when I set a new goal. I'm maintaining and feel a big accomplishment in that. I have lost the weight before and allowed it to creep back up over the years. Not this time!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
6/17/13 4:58 P

can't answer-- still trying to get to goal. But lots of restarts. I only quit once that I can remember. The other restarts were more of a re-look at my motivation. I never really fell back into bad habits except that one time.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (194,605)
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Posts: 26,863
6/17/13 2:48 P

Twice in my life I weighed over 200+ pounds. I was 39 when I decided that wasn't going to happen a third time.

Basically, I spent most of my adult life and part of my teens/childhood being a yo yo dieter. As Bunny mentioned, too many times to count.

As Nelson Mandela once said,"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Other famous people have said similar things. The point ? You keep trying until you succeed.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/17/13 1:31 P

Ha, too many to count? I've had plenty of "false starts" over the years, good intentions that lasted hours or days or maybe a handful of weeks, because i felt like "i really should do something" but that recognition that you "should" do something can arise quite independently from the will and committment to actually do it.

I got that "click" of determination in 1999, and lost about 50 pounds and kept it off for several years.

Then uhhhhh well, sad but true story, started regaining in 2007, by end of 2008 was back to my starting weight, by 2010 was 50# higher than my original starting weight. Yipes. Made two or three feeble attempts to "do something" and then this year it has all clicked into place again. I WILL be achieving my goal, and hope that the maintenance period lasts a lifetime this time, instead of less than a decade. :)

B-QUINN Posts: 25
6/17/13 1:23 P

How many times did you have to start before you finally met your fitness/weight goal?

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