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6/25/13 12:59 P

Best bets are fresh fruit and veggies, esp. those that are high in fiber. Trail mix and granola bars can be good energy, but can up the calories real quick if you're not careful. Make sure above all else you stay plenty hydrated, carry water everywhere.

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6/22/13 9:37 A

Eggs Are Loaded with Nutrients & lots of vitamins....Tote 3/4 cup of Multi Grain Cheerios

Pumpkin seeds or a bag of Pepitas (already shelled Pumpkin Seeds I get mine at SuperWalmart...they provide energy...

Grape tomatoes, string cheese, pepperchini's, in an insulated lunch bag

Cherries, oranges, apples, sliced cucumber to keep you stay hydrated

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
6/21/13 3:29 P

popcorn, fruit cups, celery sticks with peanut butter or hummus, trail mix, apples, oranges, yogurt, rice cakes with peanut butter, or they have rice cakes made with yogurt on top. fruits, vegetables, sweet potato fries, baked apple, dry healthy cereal... That's all I can think of. Have a nice trip!

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6/21/13 2:09 P

I am taking a trip to Disney World with my family but I don't want to lose what I have already accomplished with my weight lose journey. I need help with snacks I can carry with me that are healthy so I don't over eat. Any suggestions are welcomed. Even if I have to prepare them before I leave the hotel.

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