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5/29/11 3:52 A

If you're in college, like me, you can get free nutritional counseling! It might be something to consider when you go back.



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5/29/11 1:27 A

I began by using the South Beach diet, but after consulting with a dietician and my doctor, switched to more overall calories but whole grain and fewer processed foods because I was craving carbs. I found that having a bran raisin or date muffin in the morning with a protein drink filled me up and gave me something sweet but healthier than a doughnut. In the afternoon, sweets were bad so I ate nuts.

Phase 1
Protein powder for me is key. I have it for breakfast and get some nutrients in me right away.
Then I eat a snack (yogurt or a hard cooked egg) simple lunch of miso broth and lettuce wrap or salad, snack of cheese or walnuts, small dinner with beef, fish or chicken, non-starchy vegetable like broccoli or cauliflower or green beans, and quinoa or barley. Ate diet jello for dessert in some flavor or other for the first month or two every day. Had a glass of warm milk in the evening. Later added sugar free candy including chocolate.
Phase 2
I added a fruit to the AM snack but eaten with the protein like an apple & peanut butter or an orange with the egg; used whole grain bread for sandwich at lunch; added a sweet potato or whole wheat noodle to dinner. Added a piece of dried fruit in the evening with a graham cracker; maybe a sugar free popsicle.
Phase 3
If I get the munchies, also have a flavored rice cake and a slice of lean deli turkey.

5/28/11 6:18 P

You have been doing so well.
What type of plan have you been following prior to finals?
How tall are you?

Dietitian Becky

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5/28/11 5:42 P

I'd read one of the many low-carb books before starting. They really do have useful tips and comments. I got all my information free at the library. Good luck to you!

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5/28/11 3:42 P

Jump-starting weight loss makes it far more likely that you'll just gain it back anyway. Temporary, short-term measures generally result in short-term loss and long-term gain.

Take the long view, destress from school, and eat healthy. If you think that means going low-carb for a long time, sure, why not. If eating healthy just means a general way of eating, then no need to change things so drastically. Consistency is going to get you better results than short-term attempts.

5/28/11 3:30 P

I'm think about going low carb to jump start my weight loss. Once I start seeing results I will be more motivated. I was thinking of doing the Dukan attack phase for five to seven days days (depending on how it makes me feel). After seeing how that goes I might go into the next phase or modify it a little bit.

Has anyone done a low carb to jump start weight loss? What should I expect? Any tips?

I am currently between 142 and 144 and am aiming to become 115-120. I want the low carb to get me to below the 135 point (I know that just the attack phase most likely won't get me here). I was at 135 just in March but end of school madness, finals, and coming home made me gain a bit of weight.

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