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Well, if it is helping you to stay away from smoking, it is probably a good thing.

The next step is to look for something to keep you off of the candy! Maybe snacking on crisp vegetables, or taking a sip of herbal tea every time you have the urge to pop a candy would help.

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I used to eat a box during band practice in my high school days. If you eat enough of them, your mouth kind of goes numb.

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I loved them when I was little. And hey...Congratulations on quitting smoking!!!!

9 gobstoppers have 60 calories, and 14 grams of carbs, so it's a much better choice than chocolate or something like that.

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2/1/14 9:16 P

This is my go to snack or candy if you will. I use it to stay away from the pepsi and girlscout cookies my hubby buys..BLESS HIS PEEPICKING HEART!!! Anyway..I love love. love these..I'm always popping them in my mouth. Oh I forgot..I quit smoking as well..With 2 smokers in the house..So will I be okay using these for my crutch for now..??
Honestly, I really believe either I want this, this bad or I have a personal vendetta against myself..For real Lol...


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