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BBALLARD77 SparkPoints: (15,232)
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2/1/13 10:10 A

Yes. You need long term and short term goals to help stay focused and on track.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/1/13 8:55 A

depends if you want to spend money or not

some of the rewards that don't cost anything:
-- go for a nice walk
-- read a book in the park
-- play with my nephew
-- take a long bath
-- paint my own nails-- kind of do a mini spa day in my bathroom

when I have some money to spend:
-- get my nails really done
-- get a facial
-- get a massage
-- go out for a nice lunch
-- buy a raw food cookbook and try some new recipes
-- get a new outfit, top, pants, sweater, or some bling

My goals are usually daily with the long term in mind
-- stay on track
-- get my 12 minutes of surging in
-- try a new raw veggie dish
-- make a fancier meal over the weekend that takes me longer than 10 minutes to make
-- chew my smoothies and juices (may sound strange, but I tend to guzzle these)
-- focus on one room in my apartment to really clean
-- every friday or saturday morning-- plan my menu for the week and grocery shop
-- sunday-- prepare some of the meals that can be done ahead of time. Cut up veggies, make the sorbets, raw icecreams, and raw soups. (if you haven't guessed yet, i am vegan raw)
-- keep in touch with family and friends
-- Honor God on Saturday or Sunday at mass
-- one that i do everyday-- Just have fun.

MRSJACRAWFORD SparkPoints: (1,453)
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2/1/13 7:25 A

I have a few big goals in mind, but I really would like to set myself some small goals and rewards for minor victories along the way. What small goals and rewards have you set for yourself? I need ideas!

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