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6/6/11 10:35 A

thanks for the help!

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6/5/11 6:43 P

Take a look at your Start page and you should see the goal you have added listed under the QUICK TRACK. Enter the information for your goal and click save. You can quick tracking by clicking the VIEW PROGRESS link at the bottom of the Quick Track.

Please let me know if you have additional questions I can help with.

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6/4/11 1:05 P

Quick Track is an alternative to nutrition tracker. It's mostly for people who know they eat right (maybe are on a diet specified for them already, or just have been doing this so long they have established good eating patterns). If you're new at this and need to work on your diet, you should probably use nutrition tracker instead of quick track.

6/3/11 7:54 P

bumping this post so i can get an answer (hopefully)

6/3/11 7:27 P

On the page "Other Goals" it shows my Fast Break goals (1 each for nutri/fit/motivation) and then further down the page, it mentions something about completing "Quick Track" goals ...

what are Quick Track goals? and how do I track them? thanks

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