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ANARIE Posts: 13,160
1/19/12 10:29 A

If you're doing this to be healthier, do it to be healthier. Forget the weight. Set your goal to lose 10 pounds by July, not 20-30. You'll probably still get the same calorie range, because at your size, if you want to lose any weight at all, the computer will put you in the lowest range it gives for anyone.

Then, instead of weight, use something else to judge your progress. Look at the SparkStreaks function under "my trackers," for example. You can set things there like "Eat at least 5 fruit and veggie servings every day" or "eat fish twice a week" or "Get 100% calcium from food," or "strength training 3 days a week," and track whether you meet those goals. You'll get little "awards" on your SparkPage if you do.

That way, you're getting encouragement for good behavior. That's what matters; if you're eating better and exercising regularly, your health will improve regardless of whether you lose weight. Probably you will lose a little weight, and it's even more likely that you'll lose a dress size. For those of us who are small, building a little bit of muscle can make a huge difference in how slim we look, because muscle takes up less room than fat. Even a little bit of strength training can get you into a smaller clothing size at the exact same weight.

By the way, the Spark computer lets you put in any goal date you want, even if it's not mathematically possible for you to reach it. If your goal date isn't possible, it just gives you the 1200-1500 calories range. If you said you wanted to lose 30 pounds by February 1, it would say, "Okay, eat 1200-1500 calories." I don't think it's programmed to say, "Uh, no. Not gonna happen."

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/19/12 8:18 A

100-110 is very small even for 5'1", and we're talking about upwards of a 5lb/month loss. That could to be tough, particularly as you get closer and closer to 100, and it might not be particularly safe. If you're eating enough to properly fuel your body, you *might* have to come to terms with the fact that your goal is unrealistic. No guarantees, of course.

Still, there is no way to know what will happen. Any guess you get is going to be a shot in the dark.

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1/19/12 7:53 A

im only 5 1 and i currently weigh 132-130 lbs i want to weigh anything between 100-110 and i exersize very little right now im mostly focusing on my diet, i'm doing this for a lifestlye change to get healthier, but i also could lose some weight i'm a tiny framed person so 5 lbs can make a difference in my clothes and how i look

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,124
1/19/12 7:50 A

numbers will help here. how tall are you? how old are you? how much do you weigh? how much do you want to weigh? how much exercise do you do?
on the lower range of my weight? what does that mean? does it mean if you are 5'6" that you already weigh 116lbs and want to lose 20-30 or does it mean you weigh 135 and want to lose 20-30lbs? in general most bmi ranges are about 40lbs, so being on the bottom half of that and wanting to lose another 20-30 lbs is going to put you into underweight territory. yes, it's the right size for probably about 2.5% of the population. but for others it may be a very unrealistic goal. again, it's hard to say without any numbers other than wanting to lose 20-30lbs and only that .5 or 1lb per week does not add up. fyi for a goal date the third week in july [exactly 30 weeks from now] would be a 1lb loss per week. so i'm not sure what you're talking about at all.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/19/12 7:41 A

Not sure what you mean by "eating the normal calorie intake and not lowering it drastically so I'll lose weight faster." Are you using the SP range? What do you mean by "normal" or "drastic" or for that matter "faster?"

There's absolutely no way to be sure whether you'll lose at SP's rate or not until you actually do it. There's just too much variation in people and our diets, exercise plans etc. I *personally* tend to lose weight faster than SP says I will, but I've seen plenty of people who are exactly the opposite.

1/19/12 7:37 A

So since I'm already on the lower range of my weight and just want to lose 20-30 lbs I decided Im going to stick with eating the normal calorie intake and not lowering it drastically so I'll lose weight faster...but looking to see that my goal date is in july and sparkpeople did think this was possible....if im only losing .5 lbs a week or even a 1lb a week it doesnt match up to spark people's goal date? So am i wrong caculating this will i end up losing more then a 1lb a week even though it would be hard to or is sparkpeople wrong and will i not get to my goal weight by july?

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