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I have researched Go Bites. Cute idea, not bad quality food but you would be better off buying those foods in bulk and packaging them up yourself.

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9/8/13 1:02 P

x2 to Pat's post.

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Please remember that the "items" advertised on the Spark Page are *Not* necessarily endorsed by Spark!! The Advertising pays for the site....and I understand its selected by Google, not Spark....

In answer to your question though...No I don't bother with the advertised processed foods and supplements....just go with fresh produce, meats, and dairy! Cook your own, and its much healthier---and cheaper!! There are even great recipes to make your own "convenience" items like those bars and its easy to measure out a package of your healthy snacks too!!

Good Luck!!

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9/5/13 4:13 P

Anyone given the Go Bites advertised on sparkpeople a try? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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