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10/6/11 4:39 P

I am not sure what the anti-ADA diet is???

I do know that your hubby will be placed on a controlled carbohydrate diet. This means that the dietitian will determine the correct amount of carbs to be consumed daily and will then divide this amount into meals and snacks based on your hubby's lifestyle, work schedule, planned activity, etc. Your hubby will learn to count carbohydrates, portion sizes, etc.

Dietitian Becky

10/5/11 9:44 P

Yes, the Dr. will prescribe the dietitian and testing supplies for prediabetes, if Allan will ask. I don't think he will at this point. That's just it. I've already bought the stuff - and for what to eat, we can wing it (at this point).

You're the most mainstream person I've talked to about it. When he was first diagnosed, a lot of reading we did was anti-ADA. He did bring his FBS down, then we slacked off emoticon and now it's back up.

I say low-carb but it's not extremely low. Really working at getting all the nutrients, and cutting the refined carbs.

By anti-ADA, I mean, I remember one sentence "they tell you to eat the things that are causing the problem" meaning starches. One simple guideline is to avoid sugared beverages and starches.

Will I be going wrong following that? He can check his BS after various types of meals to find out what is OK to eat. If nothing brings it down, I'm sure he'll talk to the Dr. then. Does this sound alright?

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10/4/11 7:53 P

I am sure your doctor will give the diagnosis and referral...YEAH! Now you can check to see what diabetes education services are offered at your local hospital.

10/4/11 4:47 P

I called our insurance company, and they will cover it for him IF his Dr. prescribes it. Meanwhile, I'll keep reading.


10/4/11 3:53 P

I do remember you now! thanks for the memory jog.

Start with a visit to see a Certified Diabetes Educator. Your hubby will get an eating plan with the correct amount, types and distribution of carbs for weight loss and blood sugar control. Then if this is still not bring about appropriate control, the dietitian will look at the food choices and offer suggestions using GI and GL---to provide the additional tweaking that is needed.

Also, SP now has a diabetes center with specific carbohydrate-controlled meal may want to check these out for your hubby too. Let me know if you need more.

SP Dietitian Becky

10/4/11 11:13 A

Hi - You might remember, I'm the one who asked about prediabetes, for my husband. I have done some low carb, just for me, not him. Now, he's ready to be aggressive with diet to reverse the prediabetes and prevent or delay diabetes.

There's mainstream thought, then fringe, and lunatic fringe. I keep reading of others who have reversed prediabetes with low carb and some with GL. Dr's have begun using GIndex (not Load). I'm more of a fringe person, but hopefully not lunatic.

Since this is on my husband's behalf, I'm interested in your comments once more.

If that sentence sounded odd, it's just that with myself I can take more risks. Since yesterday when I posted this, I read something saying foods always vary in GL range, and not to be hung up on the numbers. To me, the point is to find a structure for greatly reducing carbs - the ones we can't get enough of.

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10/3/11 12:53 P

I am not sure the medical condition that you have that is suggesting that you use glycemic load. This technique is not encouraged for weight loss or blood sugar control---because of several problems. Total carbohydrate intake, types of carbohydrate foods consumed and the distribution of those carbohydrates is the more standard and approved nutrition education technique.

Can you share more about your needs?
Dietitian Becky

10/3/11 12:15 P

Which list is correct?

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