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Gluten free/vegan ten lbs down!

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4/12/12 9:01 A

I would recommend giving it a go. Eating refined carbohydrates/gluten of any type gave me extreme highs and lows in mood and appetite that made it impossible for me to lose weight. I stopped drinking coffee and added sugars and I have MORE energy. Lol who knew? Tell yourself you will try it for 10 days and really commit to it. At the end of 10 days see how you feel, it may be something you want to continue.

It weird because now 3/4 weeks in I don't really crave the pasta, croissant, cake , cookies, like i thought I would. I crave cheese and eggs. Its the animal products that I miss. Surprising!

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4/9/12 5:57 P

While I'm not gluten free on purpose, I am vegan. I just don't happen to eat anything that has gluten in it -- I have no allergy to it, just as most people do not, so that part of it is usually irrelevant.

What I would suggest is that if you are tracking calories, it would be a good idea to add tracking for various vitamins and minerals as well. Keep in mind that some vitamins and minerals have different absorption rates from plant sources and that certain vitamins, such as B-12 must be taken via supplements.

Otherwise, good job!

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4/9/12 1:01 P

No advice, but Great Job!!!! Makes me want to try it too.

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4/9/12 12:36 P

Good for you!

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4/9/12 11:03 A

No advice, but tons of congratulations. Way to go!

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4/8/12 8:24 A


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4/8/12 3:51 A

Glad for you!

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4/8/12 1:27 A

So I started spark people at 145. Since then I had gained 5 more lbs and was feeling very down. I was inspired to start living on whole foods animal product and gluten free. I live off beans,lentils, nuts, seeds, plant source oils, herbs, spices, fruit, and veggies. I make my own fresh almond milk god dammit! Since then I have lost 10lbs. 10lbs in two weeks! That's pretty cool. Also I have been counting calories and I am eating about 1700/1800 a day! Yay I just hope I keep going the way I have been.

Any advice from other gluten-free vegans?

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