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10/13/14 5:01 A

If it is helpful, here is a link to the Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Information:

You will notice the tool-bar on the side with the recipes:-)

Here is another site that has fantastic gluten-free products. I have had some of them and they are quite nice. "All Orgran products are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg free, Yeast Free, GMO Free and Vegan." My little g/son has a lot of their products because he has multiple allergies, including life-threatening ones to Dairy and Egg. They are sold in a lot of countries.


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9/8/14 2:46 P

I recently had my entire thyroid removed, so now I'm hypothyroidism. It was recommended to me that I go gluten free to help with my metabolism and avoid weight gain as much as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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10/28/13 7:35 P has some good ideas. We use the monthly delivery service to discover new brands

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3/28/13 10:13 P

I was also looking for gluten free ideas/meal plans as I am trying to gluten out of my family's diet. Here is what one reader's post that I found extremely helpful:

Sparkpeople Gluten-free groups:

Site with meal planner ideas:

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 9,717
3/27/13 12:45 A

spark people has several gluten free articles and receipes. you just have to look for them.

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
3/26/13 12:42 P

I am on a GF diet (not for my health, but because my wife is gluten intolerant ;-). I don't use the meal planner, but I eat what I want and simply record it in tracker. MOST GF products have already been added by one of the many users, so I hardly have to enter anything new.

You could use the planner and simply substitute for GF products. Taking note of calorie differences should not be a major issue.

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3/23/13 12:02 P

As gluten sensitivity is becoming a mainstream problem, I was wondering if has any plans in the works to accommodate those of us who suffer from this affliction. I would LOVE to use the diet planner but, for now at least, I can't.

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