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TAMMYC1970 Posts: 31
9/16/11 7:13 P

I love pasta but thought I was going to have to give it up, then I heard about the Shirataki Noodles I use them in all my pasta recipes. Just make sure you rinse them really really well, otherwise they will have an odd taste..I too find them in the health food section. I think they are a little expensive for a budget, but well worth it.

9/16/11 2:37 P

There's a link in my signature to some of the foods I've been recreating..some are healthier versions of the original, some are once in awhile type treats. Cooking GF is all about substitutions and techiniques to reach the desired result..good food that can be good for you :) Not getting sick is a huge plus! I'm still working on putting recipes with the pics, but I've lost another 40 or so pounds since finding about my Celiac and other food intolerances. If I can help in anyway I'd love to, you can do this!!

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9/15/11 11:02 P

I discovered Shirataki Noodles the other day. Have you tried them? They are gluten free and vegan and you can use them in stir fries or with your favorite pasta sauce. Best part is, they only have 40 cals a bag. Worth a try! You can find them in good supermarkets or specialty health food stores in the fridge near the tofu.

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9/15/11 10:30 A

try having a look round the recipes on this blog.

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9/14/11 3:47 P

Does it have to be low fat?

AMSWEATMAN08 Posts: 30
9/14/11 2:45 P

Hello- anyone have any recipes that are gluten free and healthy? GF ingredients are almost always higher in fat and calories than regular, I'm finding it hard to be gf and lose weight.

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