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4/16/12 9:01 A

Yes, but it could also be caused by another allergy.

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4/15/12 8:39 P

Yes it's possible, but we have no way to know if that's what you're dealing with. People with celiac or even gluten sensitivity sometimes get dermatitis herpetiformis, red bumps that itch like crazy and sometimes ooze (sorry, graphic I know).

Good luck at the doctor... Hope you can find a solution to the problem!

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4/15/12 8:26 P

Good luck with your Doctors appt. tomorrow hope they find out what causes it. Lucinda

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4/15/12 7:30 P

There is a rash that can occur if you are gluten sensitive or are a celiac... Your doctor will have to do a skin scraping or biopsy to be sure. Usually this is done by a dermatologist. Good luck with your doctor tomorrow and in the meantime use the caladryl lotion. Hope you get some relief soon.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,342
4/15/12 7:23 P

Good thing that you are seeing a doctor. That would be the best person to find the cause of your rash.

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4/15/12 7:01 P

There's literally no way we can tell you; without a medical exam, there's too many possibilities for us to even begin to guess. Yes, allergies can cause the symptoms you describe, but there's no way for us to know what kind of allergy is causing it, nor if it's an allergic reaction at all. :)

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4/15/12 5:57 P

Can an unexplained skin allergy be caused by gluten allergy? I have a very itchy red rash on both legs, one foot, and now spreading to my body. Tiny bumps, watery discharge when scratched. Caladril helps. Seeing doctor tomorrow. Talking to a friend who is allergic to wheat, I'm wondering if this could be the cause? Would welcome any advice/suggestions.

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